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  1. joemunneke
    I am taking 40 mg once per day. I take the med around six in afternoon. My face is breaking out a little bit but that's okay. My lips feel chap from the inside out, not like the sun or dry weather does from outside to in. Different kind of dryness occurring in the lips. I'm gonna put vaseline on tonight before bed. I've applied chapstick about five times today. I'm trying to drink a lot of water. I feel fine and am looking forward to a clear face.
  2. joemunneke
    My face feels good. Just minor side effects, barely: Dry lips, mouth occasionally. No mood swings, I feel happy and look forward to a clear face.

  3. joemunneke
    Generic Accutane "Zenetane", 40 mg Taken once every day.

    I am not experiencing any of the common side effects: dryness, mood, etc.
    My face feels okay, time will thicken things up, I will try to keep the progress posted on Acne.org

    ​ -Joseph