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  1. another 6 months...I don't know if I have the patience 8-[ I will begin with the puredeming for a few weeks and see how that goes, thank you for your advice, I know that you guys know what you are talking about so I will definitely heed your warnings. By the way, are lactic peels ok? What about the vinegar method, can I begin that soon?
  2. Hi Tamara, I am pasting this from the Cross document: __________________________________________ The two patients who received isotretinoin for 3 months before treatment showed good results without excessive scarring, although it should be noted that full-face medium to deep chemical resurfacing is rela-tively contraindicated in patients who have taken isotretinoin within the previous 6 months because of the increased risk of hypertrophic scarring. ___________________________________
  3. it's a little difficult for me at the moment to get a Dr as I am in Japan. I know that there is a cosmetic surgeon in Tokyo (I think many of you have used the pics from his website) but I live rather far from Tokyo and the costs would be outrageous to travel to him to get the treatments done. I have asked him to refer some doctors in my area but he said he is the only one who performs this treatment in Japan. Given I don't speak Japanese very well, it would be difficult to find a doctor. Perhaps
  4. Hi Tamara, Thanks for the caution. I would have completed Accutane for over 6 months in February which was when I would like to start some treatments to get rid of the scars that I got from the Accutane treatment. I remember reading that spot treatments with TCA was ok for patients on Accutane since it only affects the scar areas rather than the healthy skin. Do you have an opinion on that? Thanks! pauline
  5. Thanks Imbue for the speedy reply. So you are suggesting lactic peels first rather than the TCA complex? Would it be ok if I did TCA Cross and then wait 4 weeks and do TCA Complex for the whole face? I have lots of shallow scars that also some pits.
  6. Hi everyone, I have spent most of yesterday and today reading through a lot of the posts on the site. As soon as I finish one huge thread, I feel compelled to go out and buy the products, then I move on to the next thread and then confusion starts to reign #-o . I am hoping that those of you who have used some or most of the following products will be able to answer my questions. To start with, I couldn't help myself and today have placed orders for the following: - Puredeming Intense Ge
  7. I've been on Accutane for nearly 5 months, I still have a few months to go but my skin is smooth and most of the red marks from the initial flare-up has lightened. This is what I have been using: - Take 1 capsule of Vit E every day. This has helped to counter-act the dryness of my skin - Use products with Vit C to lighten the red marks. This has helped a lot. - Use a lot of moisturiser and sunscreen which has made my skin the smoothest it has ever been. Unfortunately the scars from
  8. Hi Anna, I have done searches on google but can't find any korean study for this. Could you forward me any URL's please? Cheers, Paulie
  9. Hi Anna, I have been emailing the doctor and asking him questions about the treatment. His responses have been the following, I hope it helps those out there considering the treatment: ______________________________ Acne treatment depends on the type of acnescar, though most of them are hard to treat as you know. 1)abrasion 2)TCA 3)chemical peeling 4)laser 5)filler injection For icepick scars, we can use TCA spot treatment. We put a bit of TCA into each hole with great care not
  10. Hi everyone, I have just finished reading this thread and want to thank everyone for their contributions. I could not believe my luck when a dr in japan was mentioned as I will be going to japan in a couple of months. I know it is a long way away but I am hoping to visit this doctor and maybe even undergoing a treatment with him, especially as he is fluent in english. The funny thing was my parents suggested i get my skin treated in Japan since they heard they were more advanced and at that
  11. Paulie


    Someone mentioned they had some referrals to dr's in Sydney Aus who performs needling. Could you provide some more information on this? Thanks! Thank you to all those who have tried this procedure, especially Maya for all the useful information. I have tried some home needling, I believe it may be helping but it is still early days and I have only tried it twice.