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  1. I will have to come off spiro unfortunately. It seems to work for my skin, but gives a lot of unbearable side effects. My mouth is dry, I'm always thirsty and my insomnia has worsened to especially after upping the dose to 100mg. I haven't experienced the insomnia the first time around with spiro, some years ago. I wake up with dry mouth and lips, wanting to pee, my heart raising and can't fall back asleep even after only sleeping for 3 h. Will have to find another alternative for my acne.
  2. I will try upping the dose... how do you guys deal with the mouth dryness, if you have any? It gets worse on higher dosage for me
  3. I've been on 50 mg of Spiro for about 5 months now and I still get some small persistent pimples on my chin, under the nose and a little bit on one cheek. It's very mild, but because my skin scars easily even mild pimples can leave some indents. Also, my chin crease has those annoying pustules almost everyday. I also take Yasmin which already include some Spiro, so wondering if I should up it... my weight is 141, height 5'8, how much are you guys taking? How much worked and how much didn't for y
  4. I don't know what to do anymore - every single tiny pimple leaves an indent in my skin. Even the ones that aren't very inflamed, just fairly small, slightly painful red bumps. Each and every one of them makes a little hole in my face no matter what I do. I use the Ordinary's granactive retinoid interchangeably with glycolic or lactic acid, do an aha/bha mask once a week, have even bought a scar cream for scarless healing, but it doesn't prevent it from leaving a small pit. I'm also taking collag
  5. Is it really worth microneedling deep rolling scars? Feels like nothing can help those but fillers. I feel like I'm microstamping and going through all the pain in vain. It can't stimulate so much collagen that it would lift scars, right?
  6. Hello, I have some horribly looking fat loss in the scared area and thinking about getting a filler. Before I got fat loss my scars didn't look as bad. Does anyone have experience with fillers to plump up scarred areas? Which one is the best?
  7. Hello! What else besides subcision could help me? I don't care about that long tethered scar, would just like to improve the sight of the smaller ones that makes my skin look like it was burned. Would tca peeling help them? My skin's moisture barrier has become better
  8. I'm thinking about purchasing Innate's Adrenal Response supplement with Ashwagandha and other herbs, it's supposed to be good for adrenals and kidneys. Oh damn, hope I can tolerate the GA... if it's so drying then it will be a no-go for my ultra sensitive skin. Will try the Lactic Acid one, if GA won't work. Didn't know that about vit c supplement, wow... Good thing I eat a lot of apples! Sometimes using apples with my celery or pumpkin juice, though celery has loads of potassium and
  9. Do you mean that kidneys could be behind those problems? That I should get some kidney supporting supplements or something like that? I ended up buying some glycolic acid as I found an affordable option, from the Ordinary. Kinda the same for me with acids - when my skin is at it's best, acids might suit well, but any other time it's a disaster. I think there are some issues with my skin's moisture barrier
  10. Hmm I should give azelaic acid a try, that's actually something I haven't tried as I'm always avoiding acids. Thanks for the idea. I'm slim but not skinny, with a pretty good figure and BMI, but my weigh tends to gather around my mid section and I have more and more cellulite the older I get. If I'd try to gain weigh to increase estrogens, these would probably worsen. I was sure I have estrogen dominance from the look of it... my estrogen is lower than progesterone, but both lower than the
  11. I've used Duac for about 2-3 years in my early 20's with very shallow results, similar to BP which I've used extensively also. Later switched from Duac to some prescription cream with retinoids, forgot the name, but it was similar to Diffiren. But as I'm getting older my skin gets less and less tolerant to retinoids - was using granactive retinoid from the ordinary in spring and realised retinoids aren't for my skin anymore. To be honest I can be using only an Aleppo soap and a simple moisturize
  12. I'm still waiting for my insulin results, but I did it fasting so it might not show anything abnormal... I'm thinking to ask for another after eating some carbs just to see if it spikes up. Other than insulin resistance, there could be something wrong with my pituitary gland since my luteinizing hormone is incredibly low (in luteal phase it should be in the range of 0.50 - 16.90 and mine is 0.07) but it's hard to increase luteinizing hormones without decreasing folicule stimulating hormone and t
  13. I did an extensive blood test today and found out that my testosterone wasn't so high actually. But the rest was pretty bad, estrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones are waaaay too low. I don't know what that means for my acne and it's so difficult to navigate all that without having a good doctor to help. I'll be back to Sweden soon and there they don't treat pcos, other than prescribing the pill. But I've taken the pill for years now and my blood test isn't
  14. Does anyone have any experience switching from Yasmin to Spiro? Or if taking them together (which I've done, worked great for acne, yasmin alone - not as much), can Spiro decrease the risk of blood clots that Yasmin increases? Because possible blood clots scare me so much.
  15. Alright, I think I will do 50 mg as for now. Does any of you have experience of quitting birth control and taking spiro instead? Can it cope with the backlash that quitting bcp causes?