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  1. I am terrified to do subcision. So afraid it would cause cysts. My acne is still active and nothing I do gets in completely under control. I mostly get very small pimples, but sometimes bigger ones too (right now having one blind painful pimple on my "good" cheek and two tiny whiteheads on my scarred cheek). I cannot see any correlation with breaking out and anything else I do in my life, they happen 100% randomly. But I would like to treat the severe scarring on my cheek anyway, just with someo
  2. @Aussie Scientist thanks for your response. I am in the middle of treating my stomach issues, mainly severe bloating and when I suggested checking for candida, my doctor dismissed it in one second, which I found so irresponsible. I had my suspicions about candida, just no way to know since there are so many descriptions of medical conditions online where my symptoms "fit". Candida was one of them. I live in Sweden. The pustules I get are concentrated on my chin, and sometimes jaw, I also g
  3. I sent them in my pictures and they said they can help me with their ShamaMethod TM too bad if it's not true. They talked about "building up texture" to even out the scar and wants me to come for a consultation, which costs 100 euros. Would be a waste of money I guess then.
  4. Hi! I have recently found a clinic in Stockholm that specializes in scar camouflaging with micropigmentation, a sort of tattoo. They also claim they are specialists at camouflaging acne scars with their special method, they treat every individual scar and build up the structure of it, according to their description and say there's usually drastic improvement 50-90%. They do have a lot of before and after pictures of various scars like the ones after botched surgeries or accidents, but can't f
  5. Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, I completely agree that "healthy" is very subjective. I've been plant-based for quite a while, sometimes eat fish and eggs, but not much, avoiding dairy as much as I can for quite some time now. Lately also cut out sweets. But I do eat quite a lot of gluten (whole grain), a lot of olive oil, a lot of baked veggies. Have also believed that olive oil is healthy, but gonna look into that. I definitely use plenty of it. And I do cook my food, not that much
  6. So it seems like whenever I eat plenty (but not over 2000 kcal) of healthy food during the day, I get hormonal breakouts in the jaw area, lower cheeks and around my ears. Does anyone know why that is? Can it be that nutrient dense food or more calories makes my insulin resistance worse? I have been noticing this for many years, but since I love food, it's hard to stick to eating little calories. I have PCOS, but good weight and bmi, but tend to gain weight in my stomach area which I read makes i
  7. Wow, thank you so much BA, so many amazing advice, I'm definitely gonna look into skin moisture barrier, issues was anyway planning to buy The Ordinary's squalane, and now I read that it's good for repairing the moisture barrier. I'm also using snail cream and niacinamide serum right now (though usually not together and not on the retinoid days), and have noticed some positive changes in my skin. It is getting more plump. I have decided to take your advice and start with subcision, have contac
  8. Thanks for your answer, Beautifulambition. I attribute a lot of those scars to BP that I've been using excessively for years (5% strength). Now that I have stopped using it, my new spots seem to heal without leaving a scar. The last two were on high settings, although I don't know which wavelength. The 4 procedures were done in a span of 7 months, Sep-Apr and I healed pretty well, there was a lot of skin shedding and the improvement that I saw was around 15% but not mor
  9. This is how they look with direct daylight hitting them
  10. These are my scars in the worst possible lighting - usually they don't look so bad in daylight or softer lights, but my bathroom light can bring the worst out of them as it makes them drop shadows. I'm mostly concerned about my cheek and not so much about my temples and the area around as they are not so visible when my hair is down. What I've done for them so far - 4 fraxel Re:store treatments in 2015, very minimal improvement for a huge price here in Stockholm. Right now I use dermastamp on
  11. Hi WishClean! I remember you from some years ago. Glad to read your update. And wow, you managed to make your cysts go away? I'm really impressed, just did my annual ultrasound and there's still loads and loads of cysts on my ovaries. I'm still on birth control and taking a lot of supplements, my skin is pretty clear besides a few little pimples every now and then, but I'm dying to get off bc, clear the ovarian cysts and also not destroy my skin in the process. Will try to add some of your
  12. Yes, I will make sure to try it on a smaller area, thanks for the advice. I've done 4 fraxel re:store treatments and healed pretty well, so I'm hoping for the best. Also doing Aha/Bha peels, good quality serum with peptides, a lot of supplements... really hope dermastamping can make at least minimal difference and not make it worse...
  13. Hi, thanks for answering. Well, I do think Derminator is pretty expensive, besides I live in Europe. Compared to dermastamp or dermaroller, it's a huge price difference. I read dermaroller tears at skin compared to dermastamp, which makes round micro holes, does that make a difference?
  14. Hi guys, which one to choose - dermastamp, or dermaroller? Gonna use it on rolling scars
  15. Your pretty!

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      Grooving Till Old, Till Dust

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