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  1. Hi people I was reading some of your cases I think I might have this disease as well. I've had folliculitis for almost 2 years, not all the time straight but with 4 or 5 relapses. I've treated it with trimetroprim sulfa and mupirocin ointment and it seems to work but the last time didn't work totally so I went to see a derm and he sent some products that got worse my scalp (coal-tar mainly); therefore I went to see another one who gave me desonide and ovale 200mg(ketoconazole) along with kelual
  2. Thanks for replying. Perphaps we both have a similar problem, as you said this is really resistant to almost all treatments and can reappear often. I'll ask the dermatologist on tuesday about that medicine and I'll write what he/she says. See you later.
  3. Hi there, it's been a long time since I wrote for the last time on here but I'm back. I'll try to sum up as much as I can, though this story is really long. Ok, first of all I want to say I've had acne on my body since I was like 12 but I didn't have anything on my head before. It started when I shaved my head a year ago -it was my first time I did it as well-. After a while my head began to itch and to scratch (just on my nape). but it wasn't until like 3 months after shaving I went to
  4. No it doesn't hurt at all, later in the first day when it appeared, it turned into a small breakout -almost imperceptible- and the following days the red-mark remained but without the "breakout", now it's still there.
  5. Hi, today I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a red-mark in my right cheek , where it's not common for me, to have pimples or breakouts, rarely they appear on this part of my face, the mark looks like any other mark but what I find strange is that I had nothing yesterday on my cheek, what thing could it be? is something to worry about? Thanks.
  6. Ok, thanks for replying I'm not gonna try it; but what is the root? androgens? I can't consume any hormones and I've already taken Roaccutane (3 times to be honest)
  7. Thanks, I think Im gonna do somenthing like that
  8. Well, I can't say I eat always healthy cause it's a little difficult change the mind of my family, but anyway I drink A LOT OF water and everyday I eat fruit, I avoid eat fast food and junk food and I have my acne 'under control' but it is still there. So, that's the reason because I thought I needed a diet more extreme, a fast or somenthing.
  9. I read this "book" and basically it's say you have to drink only water and eat apples per 3 days and supposedly, acne is gone, it also say to "eat" acidophilus b and garlic pills after the 3 days and don't consume any sugar (I think he's talking about refined sugar). All this is based in you have to clean your body of toxins, these toxins supposedly result in acne. I'm doubtful about this but I want to try it. What do you think? Have you tried this? Will you try it? Why?
  10. Thanks for replying, I went to the drugstore, and there, they said me that meanwhile it doesn't hurt it won't be a problem so, at least I know that the scar doesn't have infection and stuff, In this moment it looks better than the photo. we'll see tomorrow
  11. Well, I think I just can wait until tomorrow, I hope it heals good, the woman that applied the peel said to me, maybe it might take more than 2 days
  12. Thanks, I've applied Sun Protector, And I have not gone out since the peel to avoid sun's light.
  13. Hey people, like all you I've suffered with scars because acne, a few time ago, I got a mechanical peel and I had a big spot on my forehead, so after the extraction, I received a cauterization on my skin -supposedly, for eliminate the bacterium-. Now, two days after this, I have this scar on my forehead, and I've never had that kind of scaring, so I'm a little worried. Have you ever had this kind of scaring? is it normal?
  14. You have marks like me, they're very similars, I read about that and I realized they're hypertrophic scars mostly, In my case with time, they have gone disappearing, obviusly not entirely
  15. Thanks for replying, I had thought go to a very noted office in my city, I think they are not going to risk their own image doing poor quality peels but Im -physiologically- susceptible to sprout with almost everything,in this moment, I could say I'm relatively "clean" and it costs to me a lot of everything: time, regimen, medicine, patience and I don't wanna throw it away, and specially I'm scared to relapse in a cronic acne again, but at the same time I want to improve my condition, anyway I'm