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  1. Yes - I find that Dan's regimen keeps my blackheads to a minimum and also helps with sebaceous filaments (which many people think are blackheads) on the nose. Maybe the drying power of the BP helps with overall congestion? Just to reiterate, I'm totally OCD about moisturizing and sunscreen...I even carry a little travel bottle of Dan's moisturizer with me during the day in case I'm feeling dried out, which tends to happen in my smile creases and around my eyes. Other than a little dryness, I n
  2. I'm much older than most of the people on this site. I'm 47. My skin was great through adolescence; I didn't use anything on it and I never had pimples. I didn't start breaking out until I was in my 30's. Oh, joy! Wrinkles and pimples! I came across Dan's website after my acne returned after a round of Accutane had cured it for a year. I didn't want to go back on Accutane, so I tried the Regimen. Everything that Dan said would happen, happened; the dry, red, skin, the discomfort...and th
  3. I have flaking in the morning, too. Don't worry, you're doing great! Are you using a humidifier at night? Where I live the winter is very dry and the humidifier helps. I also added 1 drop of vegetable glycerin to 6 drops of jojoba oil and one pump of moisturizer. I found out about it at whole foods. It's a non-comedogenic humectant which means it attracts moisture. I found it helped me from drying out quite so much. Good luck and hang in there!
  4. Hi Adam - it took me at least a month and a half to get consistently clear so hang in there! I have a few stubborn red spots but I'm going to try using some AHA to see if they'll fade with time. The drying and flaking is a b*tch; no watt around it, especially if you're new to so much BP. I find that the only way I can stay "unflaky" is to very, very gently exfoliate in the shower. In the morning I wash my face in the shower and really let the water soak into the dead layers of skin. Then, wit
  5. I have to keep posting this everywhere all over the site because its been such a help to me: vegetable glycerin. I got mine on amazon. Add one or two drops with 6 drops of jojoba and 1 pump of Dan's moisturizer and spread it over your skin - the glycerin acts as a humectant and really improves the staying power of the moisturizer. Also, not to beat a dead horse, but please be sure you've increased the BP dose gradually - it took me 3 weeks to handle it and I'm still like a lizard if I don't c
  6. Hi I'm 45. I've been using the acne.org plan for about 6 months and I love it. A few things that would have helped me to know: 1. This plan is gradual and takes time. A lot of the people that are posting are just starting out and are still frustrated and uncomfortable - it takes time...give it time! 2. Moisturizer. By the time you ramp up to the optimal dose of BP you will be shedding like a lizard - mix jojoba and a drop of vegetable glycerin with your moisturizer and let it soak in. I
  7. Hi All - old lady here, 45 years old. I use nothing but Dan's products (except for my daytime SPF) and was dry and flaky as Hell until I found this: Vegetable Glycerin. I'd never heard of it until I was at the health food store yesterday. Basically, is a clear liquid with a syrupy constancy that acts as a humectant i.e. it draws water to it. After I wash my face and put on my BP, I mix one big pump of Dan's moisturizer, 5-6 drops of jojoba oil, and 1 drop of Vegetable Glycerin in the palm o
  8. I'm going to try this too. I've been lightly buffing the flakes off in the shower, but I think the J oil before BP might stop the mask like feeling I start to get a few hours after the regimen. Thanks!
  9. For what it's worth, I found a favorite daytime moisturizer/sunscreen: Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46. I get it on Amazon. It's made especially for acne prone skin and it rocks. I add 5-6 drops of Dan's jojoba oil to it in the morning because I'm super dry. During the summer, I probably won't have to do that.
  10. I thought I might as well weigh in here. I'm a veritable old lady...45 years old and suffering from cystic acne/small acne flare ups on the jaw area. Dan's treatment has been AWESOME...I'm very close to clear but I do have the dreaded reptile skin, especially since it's winter and the air is dry. I only use Dan's products except for my SPF - I use Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 which is awesome and doesn't make me break out. OK so dryness: yes it's bad, but not inflamed, sore or red. What I do is
  11. Thank you for adding this - yes, that myth pops up everywhere and it drives me nuts.