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  1. For Gods Sake, hasn't anybody heard me at all after all these years. You have non-ablative Fraxel Restore or Dual, and they are worthless. Then you have ablative Fraxel Repair that works. I haven't been reading this forum for years.... Get over yourself you stupid old [email protected]
  2. A few years ago I tried to pop a cyst with a needle too and ended up with a big sunken scar. I had scar revision on it this summer so that may be one option. The scar was cut out and the skin was stitched together. Altogether it cost me roughly £400 for the procedure.
  3. What is your opinion on lasers with regards to treating hyperpigmentation and un-even skin tone? Can lasers give you a clear complexion or are there better alternatives? Thanks
  4. I'm also from the UK and was considering CO2 but I have read so many bad reviews. It seems like a dangerous treatment.
  5. Does anyone know what a 'Unideep' peel is? I'm looking at the following website, it seems to be between TCA and Phenol in terms of strength. Anyone had it done? https://www.transforminglives.co.uk/non-surgical/facial-treatments/chemical-facial-peels/
  6. It doesn't matter what strength % you use. You just have to make sure you don't apply it twice or more. Where I applied 50% once there is no redness, it is only where I applied two coats that it has burnt. Someone should put this in a sticky thread because its important - NEVER APPLY TWO OR MORE COATS OF TCA ON THE SAME AREA.
  7. Which one of these creams causes the skin to go white temporarily when applied? I've tried both in the past but I can't remember which one had this effect. I have bright red skin from a TCA burn and I need to try one of these. Thanks.
  8. I have hydrocortisone but it's doing nothing. I'll see if we have any of the strong ones left. I remember using one that turned my skin white for a while. I used the TCA on a very small area, just on the bridge of my nose where there is a deep scar.
  9. I applied 50% TCA to my face and I'm left with visible red marks. They are where I applied TCA twice (whilst the original coating was still on). This was three months ago and they are still bright red. What can I do?
  10. I thought I would post an update on this. I did a 50% TCA peel on the area around two weeks ago. It burnt quite severely. The final scab came off today and the scar has filled in. The area however is still quite red and has not healed yet. I'm thinking of posting a picture in two or three weeks time when my skin has healed more and turned a normal colour.
  11. This is an old post but I'd just like to mention that the derma stamp didn't work for me on this scar. I purchased a 1.5 mm derma stamp and used it a few times over the space of a few months. I drew blood each time I used it (it was quite painful) but it has made no difference to the scar. I've also tried 100% glycolic acid a few times, and again the scar has stayed exactly the same. I'm next going to try a strong TCA peel. I've used TCA in the past ranging from 25% - 100% and it has worked on s
  12. I've tried TCA in the past and I'm so desperate to use it again but I can't because of the down time. I can't exactly go into school with a bright red face and burnt skin. It's so frustrating. Has anyone found a way around this problem?
  13. Really? That's disappointing to hear. The picture doesn't do the scar justice because it's deep and bright red, I have to use concealer on it every day. Do you think TCA could work? I've used 100% glycolic acid on it twice, it simply formed a scab which fell off, leaving it the same as before.
  14. Has anyone here had a dermabrasion treatment done? (not microdermabrasion). Is there any risk of scarring, and did it work? How much did it cost? I want to have it done for a deep scar on the bridge of my nose (picture attached).
  15. I'm still suffering with this scar - because it's still red and quite deep. What professional options do I have? I'm still suffering with this scar - it's still red and deep. What professional options do I have?