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  1. Hello everyone I was wondering what you have found to be the best concealers for covering blemishes. I have tried several but it just makes it look worse..? It looks cakey on my skin and doesn't blend isn't to skin. Just curious what your holy grail concealers were so I could try some out
  2. Has anyone started Proactive Plus? it's fairly new and I kinda of want to give it a shot, as it seems like based on the very few reviews that it might work... Anyone?
  3. I've been on the Minocycline 100mg daily since April 2nd. I haven't seen any improvement in my skin since. It seems that everyone, whether it worked in the end or not, began seeing results almost immediately. Has any one else had a similar experience with Minocycline?
  4. CeraVe is my favorite http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=162033&catid=182896&aid=338666&aparam=goobase_filler&device=c&network=g&matchtype=
  5. Use moisturizer and a primer! I use the bare essentials one too! the first time I put it in i was on whattttt is going on right now. I bought the foundation with the primer that comes in the get started kit. Best primer ever! If I didn't moisturize with about 2 drops of jojoba oil and then put on primer, it'd never stay and wouldn't look good Hahaha thanks I guess but I definitely do. I have for 6 years, but it's gotten so much better lately
  6. I got prescribed Monocycline 2 days ago which is basically the same as Doxy and try to take it much earlier in the day. Best not to take it right before you go to sleep, and not on en empty stomach.
  7. Hey everyone. So as a teenage girl with acne, I'm obviously obsessed with skin makeup. I've tried quite a lot, mostly drugstore to be honest. I don't have the money to go high end. But I tried all the drugstore foundations. And when I say all, I really mean all. Almost all were liquid, while some were powder. Which I think was my problem. Liquid foundation, while it looks fantastic on some people, just felt gross on me. Every time I'd touch my face, it would feel so caked on. It also felt and of
  8. Thanks! Maybe I'll give them a try
  9. So I had a dermatologist appointment today and he prescribed me minocycline. I was pretty excited until I came on here and saw some pretty horrible things about it. But the thing is, all of us have different skin types, different levels of severity, age, etc all makes a difference. I really don't want to take this pill and then get it later on again. I'm a 16 year old girl and have mild-moderate acne, with combination-dry skin. I'm very worried about minocycline, if any of you have taken it
  10. Are you getting any results with Doxycycline? I've been thinking of trying it
  11. I agree with Lilly, as a guy I doubt you want to be caking your face with foundations and all that. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams would be the way to go. PS your eyes and eye lashes are beautiful, jealous
  12. All you really need is a primer so that your makeup won't rub off during the day and then your foundation. I use mineral foundation because it looks a lot more natural on my skin and your skin can breathe. I don't use concealer because I haven't found a great one yet. And powders suck they are really noticeable so don't use those. if anything, use a mineral veil which is basically the same but it's completely transparent. It sets what makeup you put on your skin and will take off any shine S
  13. i cant tell if this is a joke or not
  14. What aquaphor healing ointment do you use?