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  1. So tomorrow a photograph is going to visit our class and everyone is going to get a new photo to Class album... horray. Any tips on light makeup? And just to get this strait - I'm a boy so just a little of something to make my scars less red? Anyone? Thank you
  2. You think that looks gross? Well... I think you look totally amazing. I would love to have skin like that
  3. Oh boy, I always try to avoid any mirrors or lighting! Always try to hide in shadows. And when I accidentaly look on a mirror I usually don't feel good for the rest of the day. Like... I didn't know I look that bad!
  4. So for about 2 years now every day after school I come back home and that's about it when it comes to meeting people. I just can't When I open my facebook and look at friends post, photos I'm like... man, I'll never get friends because I look up to what they usually do and I feel "It's fucking dumb stuff and I never want to hang out like that" Anyone feel the same? Just closed my facebook and decided to stop using it or use only if necessary. How to get back to society? It's taken to another le
  5. I don't know... I kinda lost any hope. It's so unjust. I know my friends drink a lot alc, smoke, eat junk food, don't do sports and still have perfect clear skin... How is that? Where is your god now... ha. That's complete nightmare
  6. I don't like anything to touch my face... LOL I wish someone want to kiss me!
  7. Hello. Tell us more about your diet. keep it up
  8. Just feel free to write here when you need some advice. It's damn hard to think about good things. Acne just affected my mind too much.
  9. I don't know how I could cheer you up because I feel the same way. I see no improvement since few months. Just keep it up bud. Think about good things, what you will do after cleaning up. think positive
  10. Amazing results. Keep it up !! And wish me luck hehe
  11. I do agree with you. Anyways, its good to get a break. This is my last post in this thread. Without it I had much better results.
  12. Hey keep it up! Best wishes and results! Will follow your thread
  13. Day 4 I also thought about spending less time in front of computer