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  1. hopeful26

    It works

    It works

    I have mild-moderate acne (mostly hormonal) and have tried almost everything! I tried the regimen a few years ago but gave up after the first week when my skin started to get dry. After a few more years of frustration, I went in with the intention to stick it out and purchased a new kit. My skin WAS dry for the first 2 weeks but is now balancing out. I'm on week 3 and my acne has completely cleared up. I still have some bumps on my chin and red marks/scars, but all of my active acne is now gone.
  2. You look amazing girl!!! What have you been using? BCP? Fantastic!
  3. I used this last night on a newly forming pimple (not quite a cyst, but had the potential to be big). I put honey (I *think* it's raw, but I can't be sure as it's local and the label is very minimalist) on the spot and covered with a small bandaid. This morning, I pulled off the bandaid, and noticed an oil spot in the middle of the band-aid's gauze area. I'm sure this was the honey/bandaid soaking up the stuff in the cyst! The cyst is still there, but it is no longer painful and appears less inf
  4. I read through this with great interest and expected there to be a ton of responses...I can't believe no one wrote back! Congratulations on finding your skin "cure"! That's amazing. I'm just beginning to investigate the properties of oatmeal for acne in addition to the application of cod liver oil (for it's vitamin A content) to the skin. This is mainly because after 3 months on the regimen, my mild-moderate acne had gotten worse. Like you, I'm trying to change things up a little bit without
  5. Oh yes, it is very likely... 2-3 weeks past having my period, very punctually inflammed acne appears to ruin my skin for the rest of the month. I don't think they sell Midol here in Sweden, but maybe there are similar alternatives, do you know what is the active component in Midol? Apparently there are a few formulas of Midol. The one I tried had Naproxen Sodium in it. I have no idea which is best, though. Might be some trial and error involved... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midol Where in
  6. You're probably breaking out around ovulation. I break out around ovulation like clockwork every month! I would try the BCP, but we are trying to conceive, so for now I'm stuck with the zits. You can take Midol for the few days around ovulation - it's supposed to reduce acne by reducing inflammation. I tried it last month and it did work! Good luck on the pill!
  7. Thanks Robert. . I hope you're right! I guess I figured that since I'm a fairly mild case it would happen fast. Patience...
  8. I still think you look great. I would order Dans AHA from amazon and choose the cheapest shipping option. That's what I did. I think it cost about $21 in total for a HUGE bottle (to put it in perspective, the other AHA I bought was about 2oz and cost $40) and it arrived in about 3 weeks, to Canada. I can't promise you'll have perfect skin after trying the AHA (remember to build up gradually and use a sunscreen), but many people have found success with this product and I think it could help you.
  9. I think I might have spoiled my skin already and it will not react to Dan's Regimen, I've been using Duac for about a year now (it has BP included) and Exuviance AHA cleanser for 4 months. I suspect that it wouldn't work for me. Or how do you think? I don't really trust the effectiveness of cleansers since they don't really sit on your skin. I would give Dan's AHA a shot! Different blends can also make a big difference. I was using a drugstore brand AHA occasionally before Dan's arrived and i
  10. Pianina, I really don't think your skin looks bad, and I agree with PP that it looks like it's getting better! You may have answered this already, but have you tried Dan's AHA? I think it might really help in evening out your skin's tone and texture. I've been using it for about a week and can already notice a difference. Spots heal a lot faster, too. Just found this and thought it could be useful: http://www.zeel.com/c/large-pores/best-treatments
  11. I have mild/moderate acne. I've just hit the 7 week mark on the regimen (using Dan's products). During the first 3 weeks I did see some improvement, and then gradually my skin got drier and started breaking out more and more often. I switched out Dan's moisturizer for CeraVe, and that's been keeping my skin a lot more supple. However, I feel like the BP is still bringing all the stuff under the skin to the surface, in an icky way (a purge?). I started incorporating Dan's AHA about a week ago, an
  12. Wow! You look amazing! I love seeing success stories like this! Congrats - you look very handsome.
  13. Why take even primose oil if your diet is probably garbage and if you're using harmful chemicals on your skin which just end up messing it up and the rest of your body as a large amount is going to be absorbed.I assume that the kind of zinc you're taking is zinc oxide which is a very low quality and poorly absorbed kind.The vitamin C is likely to be ascorbic acid extracted from GM corn and is just going to cause more problems for your body.The reason you're getting acne is from hormonal fluctuat
  14. Thank you! I'm thinking Ill try a sunless tanning cream "trial" a couple months before the wedding and see how that goes. If it sucks, I may try a bit of tanning. I havent broken out from tanning in the past, so it might be worth a shot. I also saw a suggestion from someone else to try tanning, but cover your face with a towel ( so that it only hits your body). Then, use tanning lotion on the face to try and match it. That's not a bad idea. I'm also thinking that since ill be getting makeup done