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  1. After reading some pretty amazing, and encouraging posts about Manuka Honey, I went and got a jar of he Wedderspoon 16+ active. I started using in a week ago, rubbing in a thin layer as a mask and leaving it in for an hour. There is no doubt, my skin felt very soft and smooth after wards. Whereas I just has some small whiteheads and red spots, I have started developing 5-6 large, lumps (cysts) that do not seem to be improving. Is this normal? Every review I have read says the face cleared up
  2. Three years ago i was started on Doryx ( a brand name of doxy) but the $140 price tag was too much, so my doc switched me to generic doxy at 100mg. My face and back cleared up with well, in conjuction with benzaclin. After a year he weaned me down to 50mg, and i stayed clear. A year later, he said i should try going off it, and gave me nicomide, which is a zinc mineral pill, i broke out within days on my face and back so i went back to the 50mg doxy. its been 3 years now. Last week i ran out of
  3. So ive been reading that some acne in men can be caused by hormonal imbalance, and that there is some herbals that can help balance the hormones. As a guy, i need to have some type of hormonal cycle since my acne worses every few weeks then tones down, so i figure my hormones might be out of balance. I plan on visiting an endocrinologist to test this, in the meantime, what are the most recommend vitamens/herbs for balancing out hormones in guys?
  4. I ran out of my doxycycline and i am starting to break out, i just moved to a new area, and i cant get an appointment with any dermatologist until july! Anyone know if there are any legitimate websites where i can consult with a doctor online and get a prescription, or any other ideas on how to legally aquire this so i dont have a serious breakout while waiting to see a doc in july?
  5. I just lost my insurance and the cost for my triaz face cleanser has gone from $7 a bottle to $53. I have tried other BP based facial cleansers but my face never seems to react well, triaz seems very mild and does a good job, i am trying to find a cheaper OTC alternative with similar ingredients, since the only active ingredient in there is BP, at 6% thanks
  6. Ive been on doxycyline 100mg for 3 years, if i stopped, it would return with days. My doctor was concerend about long term use, so he switched me to 50mg, which seems to work, so hopefully i will be weaned off it slowly
  7. Duac Seems to have the same ingredients as BenzaClin, anyone have any comparisons in results?
  8. I posted about this a while, ago, figured i would repost something I have been using a shampoo called follicleanse for about 2 years and have had very good results with my forehead and back clearing up almost completely. I always suspected my shampoo was causing flareups and when i started using this product, it cleared up dramatically. The two main benefits to this shampoo are Zinc PCA which is an anti sebhoreic (bad spelling) which controls the production of sebum(oil). It is also the only
  9. The maker, dermik, has a patience assistance program, where you can get a 2-3 month supply free! http://www.pharmhelp.info/Dermik.html
  10. there is a generic form of the benzaclin sold only in canada for about $50 for the same size, ive spoken to some people who have used it and it works just as well as benzalclin, and you can get it from any canadian drug site heres one site http://www.canadapaylessrx.com/productdeta....asp?prodid=162
  11. I just got prescribed Nicomide - ive been an doxycycline, an antibiotic for 18 months, my acne has cleared up 90% so my doco said he wants me to try stopping the doxy, and start with the nicomide- he says its an antiinflamatory so it should help reduce redness and swelling (and thus reduce pore size appearance too!) I just starting taking it 2 days ago so still too early for results 1. You take two pills a day, once morning, once nightly 2. A 30 day supply cost me $41, most insuranec com
  12. Well, although the cold water might tighetn the skin, making the pores seem smaller, i would think yo uwant to keep the pores open after cleaning, so that the BP or whatever cream you are applying is more easily absorbed by the skin
  13. a shampoo called folli cleanse has worked wonders for me for exactly what you are describing, pimples on hair line, and on back. it contains something called zinc pca which is designed to control the production of sebum, and it also does not have something called sodium lauryl sulfate whihc most shampoos have, and is a major irritant.. i swear by this stuff, you can get it at www.healthyhairplus.com
  14. well i have very sensitive skin, and moderate acne, and it was beneficial to me
  15. well the cheapest i found it online is for $98 but with $15 shipping, so it comes out to be the same. lucky you for having insurance. I am in NJ, the cheapest rates for a single is $400 a month, way out of my budget. IF anyone knows a cheaper provider in NJ please let me know, or if anyone is willing to provide me with a residence in montana, let me know, since insurance there is like $100 a mont!! (JK)