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  1. you know... fluro lights give off a green tinge which actually counteracts redness.. and bright even light makes bumps and ditches less obvious.. as opposed to lights which create shadow.. so you prob dont look as bad as you think you do
  2. stop messing with it!!! you keep re-infecting it!!... youre gonna end up with a scar the size of your nostril if you dont stop touching it.
  3. im really sorry you had such a bad side effect from the pill... i do think that if it was a regular occurence in people they would take it off the market tho.. i know people who have been on it most of their lives and have never experienced that...
  4. try going on the pill if youre not already on it.. ive nearly finished my second month of the pill and after more than 10 years of HELL im finally off medication and my face is clearing up. im on the lowest dose pill you can get. i did also change my diet over the past few months, no wheat no dairy at all. but id tried EVERYTHING (except roaccutane).. changed my life!.. no more hideously dark thoughts about cutting my face off. sorry for the gross imagery.
  5. yep same thing happened to me. one day nothing next day something. i think thats just what happens after it heals more.. youre left with a friggen hole in your face. im just grateful i dont have more of them.. i have a few and thats enough. really really hate it. but i just think, thank GOD that stupid pimple isnt there anymore, its a battle wound.
  6. have you tried Hydroquinone?.. its supposed to bleach out red marks in your skin... im going to try it.. ill let you know if it works.. Arnica cream is supposed to be good too.. if you'd rather something natural.. but i think its a little heavy by the way - i know youre pretty stressed out most of the time so i dont mean this to be taken the wrong way BUT you are by far the most entertaining person on this forum (no offense to anyone else either!)
  7. what your b/f said is sssssooooooooo sweet!!!!!!.... how lovely is he!!!!!... everyone here is right.. you are gorgeous.. pimples or no pimples.. but i understand what youre saying about the fact that even tho he doesnt care about it YOU do... im the same.. and its hard to have a good time when youre just stressing about your face the whole time. i had horrible acne and it was totally ruining my life and my relationship with my b/f because i kept hiding all the time... anyway i went on the pi
  8. i wear make up and seriously dont consider that to be the cause of my pimples (its hormones!).. if you use a deep cleasner and exfoliate dead skin cells, wearing makeup shouldnt be a problem.. obviously you gotta pick the right make up tho.. oil control non clogging.. i usually wear an oil control moisturiser underneath it which is awesome.
  9. i started the pill about a month and half ago.. and apart from turning me into a big sook, its been great in slowing down my acne.. i used to get cysts every single month without fail and because they took so long to go away it seemed like i just had them all the time.. i went off my usual antibiotics (which did jackshit anyway) and now im only on the pill and using skin creams etc.. so far so good.. touch wood... now im just left with an old lump thats going no where, a few small nothing pimpl
  10. im a firm believer in straight to the point.. just bite the bullet and tell her how you feel. that way you can get all this muck off your chest and if she rejects you at least you can get on with your life and stop working yourself into a lather. no doubt all this extra testosterone flying around is playing havoc with your face so look at it this way, sort it out and look forward to happier skin.
  11. ok so let me get this straight, you have this gorgeous guy who still wants to be with you after two years of no sex and avoiding him??.. he must REALLY like you.. and i think its truly sad that you dont think youre good enough for him.. put yourself in his shoes and try to see the beauty he sees in you because youre just being cruel to yourself otherwise..
  12. i know exactly what youre talking about. my bf has a prickly face.. and since ive been with him all i ever seem to get is a mess all over my chin. do you know how hard it is to kiss someone without getting your chin rubbed to death!!??.. i think im mastering it.. but what a pain in the arse. as for going to bed with topical treatments on your face, i usually go to bed and get all the mooshy stuff out of the way, and when he falls asleep go into the bathroom and pile it on.
  13. wow... you guys are really really awesome.. i cant believe how sweet everyone here is!... im not really sure if what i have with my bf is unconditional love.. but he does say things like "so what if you get a couple of pimples stop trying to be a front page bimbo".. which in my mind is pretty tactless.. and he doesnt even really see me when im having a BAD week.. and if it was "just a couple of pimples" why would i be complaining!!.. ive been on medication forever.. when one is working i migh
  14. im not dealing with my acne. i cant hold down a job... im probably going to lose my boyfriend because he cant understand why i keep disappearing all the time.. even the other night i stayed at his place and i lay there in the dark wide awake feeling like i had mutants in my face so i got my stuff and left at 2am. he isnt speaking to me at the moment. i freak out over planning things too far ahead because i dont know what im going to look like from one day to the next. people think im eccentric