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  1. savannax123

    My bare face during the summer of 2012

    No makeup and relatively clear skin. I was content.
  2. Thanks! I will definitely look around at different derms. I just want all of this to go away. It is very depressing!
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply! I did the glycolic peels at home and have only done two so far. I hope it is just purging... but I have a slight hunch that it's not :/ I recently got a cyst on the left side of my cheek today... it feels very hard and hurts! I'm trying to keep my skin care routine as simple as possible. But it doesn't seem to be working. Hi! Thanks for the reply. I'm 18 y/o and the marks that are on the right side of my face are mainly just red marks and the ones that are closest to
  4. Hi everybody! So 4 years ago I had cystic acne on my cheeks and it was horrible. I dealt with it, washed my face as usual and let it subside on it's on. Last year my skin cleared up A LOT (I mainly used purpose cleanser, witch hazel, and aha) and I rarely broke out and I was just so content with my skin for the first time in my adult life. Up until recently, although my skin was relatively clear and smooth, I wanted something to brighten up my skin and fade my red marks... I tried Dan's Regimen