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  1. I have used a huge variety of lotions over the years. The only thing that works for me is eliminating lotion! I have never had a lotion suggested to me that I haven't tried. Also, why use lotion if I don't need it? I should add two things though. One, i live in the very temperate and moist Pacific Northwest so i'm not being exposed to extreme temperatures and dry air. Second, i do get some flaky skin around my nose so i apply my gel cleanser with a very soft sponge that provides some exfol
  2. My mild adult acne was cured by eliminating facial Lotion! I know this might not work for everyone but thought I would share my experience. My acne was characterized by a lot of small white heads over my entire face. Also I would have premenstral flare ups of large cystic pimples primarily on my cheeks that may or may not progress to a white head. The large pimples left red marks on my cheeks long after they had healed. My Dermatologist also thought I had some rosacea as well because I had i