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  1. Hello I have just started my 6th week on the regimen and it was going pretty good. On Monday my face became red almost how it was during the first few weeks and I have no idea why. My skin was already tolerant to the bp and I had no redness before. The only thing I can think of is I used a different razor when I shaved. One that prevents razor burn with some special strips I guess. Could this be the cause of the red face? I also noticed that the bp Burned after this too which has never happened
  2. Ok thank you for the advice. I am starting my 5th week on The Regimen and I just purchased AHA for exfoliating but I am not sure what kind of sunscreen to use when going out in the sun. I have football practice so I am in the sun for an hour or two and I do not want to start incorporating AHA with the chance of getting really sunburnt.
  3. Hey everyone I switched from proactiv to the regimen about a week ago and I am already more clear than I was on the proactiv, but I am having a few problems. First off I am using Purpose Gentle cleanser, proactiv BP since I had some left over, and purpose dual moisturiser. My face has not been very red since I am used to proactive, but it is pretty flaky. My moisturiser also burns a bit when I put it on. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good moisturiser? One without sunscreen is fine too b