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  1. Highly Recommend Dinair!

    Smooth coverage Does not affect regimen Long lasting A little shiny I spent a long time looking for makeup to use on the regimen and this is it!! I love this and will always use Dinair! Def. give it a try it is worth it!
  2. I bought the Dinair system and I have to say I LOVE IT!!! I never break out, actually my skin reacts really well to the makeup...looking less shiny the next day (dont ask me how). I am on the DKR and have been on the regimen for 2 years now so I do have acne prone skin.
  3. I started seeing that happen so I apply a very thin layer of honey to my face after washing my face but before applying the bp and lotion and the darkness has gone away. Also using a scrub (St. Ive's apricot scrub) helps wash away the dead skin that can be contributing to the darkness. It has worked really well for me so far!