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  1. Vitex thread with pictures This is the link for the thread where I posted my progress pics. Check them out, that's Vitex at work. If you do a search on this site for Vitex, heaps of my posts will come up and they'll explain everything, but if there are any questions, you can always PM me. Oh, also.. it wasn't 500 mg of Vitex daily, it was 2 500 mg pills a day, making it 1000 mg of Vitex total. Sorry bout the mistake...
  2. I've posted about this a gazillion times already (however it was more than a year ago), but my hormonal acne nearly disappeared completely after consistently taking Vitex (aka Agnus Cactus, Chaste Tea). I took 500 mg daily and had to go through over 3 months of barely noticable improvement before it really started to work for me. There aren't really any negatives. It's an herb that's very safe that works to restore the natural balance of certain hormones in your body. There's heaps of info b
  3. This is a bit long... I was using an herb, Vitex (aka: Chaste Tea or Agnus Cactus) for nearly a year for my hormonal acne with great success. Vitex actually enhances fertility so when I got engaged, I knew I would have to leave it behind. (I didn't practice pre-marital sex) I was really worried about what would happen when I would go on birth control, very paranoid about terrible wedding pictures! I started on OTC-lo a bit over a month before the wedding and had a literally flawless tran
  4. Minxy, What you might want to try, if you don't like the idea of drugs, is the herb Vitex (aka Chasteberry, Agnus Cactus). This herb works with your natural processes to regulate hormones. It's safe for long-term use, there are no severe side effects, it's been shown to reduce PMS symptoms, help PCOS sufferers, and regulate periods. It sounds like just the thing you need, actually. I don't imagine a derm really knowing about Vitex, although a gyno might. Check out some of the posts on
  5. This is my most up to date pic. I'm sorry it's such poor quality, but i could only get a really current one from my phone's camera. Taken today: No breakouts, lingering redmarks (i mark easily)
  6. Ok... I will attempt, once again. To post some pics for you. The following should be *crosses fingers* 1)before and 2) in the middle of treatment: There's no way i need to clarify which is which! The second one's a bit deceiving because i have a tan. I'll try and get a really current pic up soon.
  7. You should definately try Vitex, aka: Chaste Berry, Agnus Cactus. It is an herb that natually regulates hormones. It usually comes in pill form and can be found at GNC or any herb/drug store like GNC. It may take a while to kick in. I was on it for 3 months before I noticed any improvement. I have been on it for a while now (over 6 months) and nothing else has cleared up my acne like Vitex has! I can tell you I still get the occasional breakout, but the results are terrific! I take 2 pi
  8. I get several types of bumps. My acne is so annoying because much of the time ít's those red raised areas that never form a head and are far under the surface. In most cases the red ones hurt. Occasionally, I will be raised red areas that are pretty hard that are not sore whatsoever as well as other bumps that don't hurt that have no color but appear white when the skin is stretched (not milia but bigger and much deeper under the surface). These, from what I understand, are clogged pores.
  9. My aunt is a chiropractor and she's fairly familiar with alternative healing. When I told her I stopped taking Burdock root (because I wanted to try Milk Thistle) she advised me to continue taking Burdock, as it is a blood purifier. I've heard that both Milk Thistle and Burdock Root are liver cleansers, but according to my Aunt Burdock is for blood. She gave me this advice without being aware it had to do with my acne, so I'm sure Burdock is just a good supplement to take, anyway. I've tri
  10. Hey, Mia and others... I've posted many times about this topic, since this is the acne that I get. I'm 22/f and I didn't have hardly any acne when I was a teen. It just started getting bad a couple of years ago. If you want to try something to regulate hormones, i'd suggest Vitex (also called Chaste Berry or Agnus Cactus). I take 1000 mg of it daily. My first go at this was around March this year. When I first took it, it messed with my period a bit. My body got used to it after a month.
  11. Maybe I can help. My aunt is a chiropractor and she's into holistic stuff and all that. What she recommends is the Shaklee brand of vitamin due to several reasons. Basically when you buy any kind of vitamin from the drug store, it's not regulated. There are inconsistent amounts of everything, plus unnecessary fillers. But the real kicker is that often the stuff that you're supposed to be buying the pill for in the first place doesn't absorb into your system! My mom got several lectures f
  12. Just wanted to let you all know... I think SweetJade posted about Saw Palmetto a while back in one of her very informative, well-researched posts. I think she sited a study where woman that used Saw Palmetto sometimes had to up the dosage to above 1000mg to see any effect. That's what I can remember from the post. I tried the Saw Palmetto about 2 months ago (but only for about a month and a half). I didn't see any difference. My acne actually got a bit worse because at the same time I
  13. Belle, I know the question was for Lovely, but I have some experience to share. I've been on the Neutrogena stuff for a bit over a month now. I have been breaking out in places I don't normally break out. However, I'm giving it two more months. In my chin area, it's seemed to reduce the number of breakouts I get. The other areas are very bumpy and I hope that it's just purging the muck in my face because I did have many clogged pores. I'm using this in combo with the Hibilclens (4% CHG
  14. Claud, I've been reading your journal for quite some time now, and I'm so happy for you! All I have to say is: Qué bella, eres! Tienes una cara linda y una alma linda, también! -Julie
  15. You guys may also have broken out because you're allergic to the dye. I remember some of the other users reported being allergic to that. Just be sure it's not the dye that's breaking you out. As for me, I didn't have an initial break out. In fact, I had this very active patch of acne on my left cheek that just stopped being active after only 1 week! It was really amazing. Since then I've been messing with the vitamins and supplements I've been taking as well as adding Neutrogena Cle