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  1. nice to be back here...and see some old folks i have not been as consistent as i did back in my posting days i thought going away would help, but it has been more like the oposite so here is for a new run..!
  2. Keep urself busy with meaningful stuff. if its thaaat bad, just go out and meet up a friend or family member.... if you dont wanna see anyone....go out for a walk or something.... as time goes by....and you start putting together decent streaks....(a week....15 days...etc) ..you just learn dealing with these urges isnt a huge huge deal... and of course....avoid porn at all costs....makes things 99% easier.....how to avoid porn??...hmmm...maybe go back to my list....it applies equal
  3. IF it were...every single guy on the planet would have acne.... However...for some acne prone people....masturbation does aggravate it, and for some others it is indeed one of the major factors. Read about the topic around here, and other forums on acne.org....you will find people that say...YES. As always tho. YMMV
  4. LOL !!!....that happened to me recently (this one chubby girl i know whose got a very very pretty face)
  5. broken promise...i feel you expect for this to cure everything.....and I noticed you contradicted yourself a bit keep the overall picture in mind.....try to see if there are improvements in terms of new breakouts....(not what u already had, or had coming), and if you do breakout, if its any lesser (quantity/"quality"). I feel towards the end of ur posts u did notice improvements....go at it again...try to go longer! btw...dont drink water before going to bed....that helps with the "m
  6. I dont fully follow.....but let me say this Not everyone is significantly affected when it comes to masturbating and getting acne, to the point that you get visible improvements once you stop. That said, just because you are not affected, it doesnt mean is okay to do so. I'm pretty sure that you over masturbate because of porn (i once did, just like some other 99% of guys in this planet), and that its quite unhealthy (mainly mentally..but also physically in a lesser way) regardless if yo
  7. Yeah.... I used to have that mentality..."Everyone does it...so it's okay". I WISH I HAD known better back when I had good skin, I'm sure I would have got some girlfriends lol. Its amazing the "I dont care" feel you get once you go for a while without Masturbating. Back then...If i saw a great looking gal, I would look away if they caught me looking thinking..."ohh...i dont want her to know that I find her attractive"....now I stare them without really caring....if they catch me all i t
  8. lmao...and then they would prescribe you a 2-month course on antibiotics!
  9. Day 1 - July 7 "" - July 28 '' - Sept 06
  10. at the end of day 11... i happen to have a question...(probably crazyitnernetman knows) ....the whole day i kept having dirty thoughts...playing scenarios in my head, etc.......i feel a bit blue balled....even tho i have barely touched. nothing in comparison to when i used to edge on some previous streaks, and then it would really feel bad....but still...i can recognise its the same. so my question is....will it go away on its own??, if not, is it safe to assume that now i have a hi
  11. testosterone levels go down rapidly to base level after reaching the one week mark of no fapping/no sex... basically get past 8-9 days and your testosterone will remain low
  12. ack when i was using bp, i tried at separate times jojoba and aha (paula's) to deal with the side effects. jojoba didnt seem to do much aha got rid of the flakiness.... ...that weird dryness was always there but at least with no flakes things were def. more manageable.
  13. No...It will not have the same effect. When you are awake....there is a build up process going on, and testosterone starts to elevate. I'm sure (unlesss you jack off rapidly), you will also feel your body temperature going up. In my case this rise causes me to feel my face sort of irritated. At the end, there is less testosterone to converter to DHT. Im sure the process itself that induces the conversion is lower. When I was reading about this stuff I never found specific studies/data t
  14. i said i woudlnt be back for a while to rack up some days...but anyway...i do keep up with the posts here, and felt i should pitch in following.. I'm sure on one of my first posts here i talked somewhat briefly about the hormonal connection of masturbation and acne.. I'm not gonna go over the whole process on a detailed manner....really...google should give you more....but this is not "hocus pocus". The simple connection is the following: When you orgasm there is a testosterone to DHT co