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  1. I prefer the toner. The wash just isn't on the skin that long and the detergents tend to be harsh. Make sure to use a non-alcohol toner if you do use one
  2. I have been using the Paula's Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid essentially as a toner for about a year and it has worked out really well.
  3. Some of the aloe vera gels have chemicals for treating sub burn that may be cuasing the stinging. You could try pure Aloe Vera (and not jus thtose that say pure, but look at the ingredients). Definitely lay off the differin until you are all better. There are prodcuts with Hyaluronan in them, which is supposed to speed healing (like the one below, though shop around for the best price) http://forallergy.com/bp/v3/48181/spenco-2...-quick-hea.html Good luck.
  4. I have been using it for about 6 weeks. At first I wasn't sure, but after this long I am condifent it has helped. I'm not clear, but it has been quite a bit better then it was.
  5. A lot of what you say makes sense. Much of it has to do with people being desperate or thinking that becuase something did or did not work for them for one week, then it must be "awesome" or else "completely suck." And it can make you worried about trying things or else waste money on crappy products. I do disagree that people that find something that works will dissapear from the forum. Few people find a "cure" for acne from products, most of us are just trying to manage it and are constant
  6. I'm 35 and still the same as the last few years. When I was 28 my derm at the time told me not to worry, I would grow out of it by 30. Sigh.
  7. Sadly, the wait for it to go away approach doesn't help much for those of us in our mid 30's or 40's.
  8. Has anyone had success or problems using a mouisturizer immediately following (on top of) retin-a?
  9. I like the liquid. You use it as a toner. Check out makeupalley.com for a set of reviews for both the liquid and lotion.
  10. You might want to consider ditching the purpose bar. Provon is enough of a cleanser and you can also use it as a shave lotion. I used it for a while before I switched to Aloeguard (which I liked better than provon) and used that as a shave lotion as well. Also, Peter Thomas Roth makes an excellent (though expensive) BP gel that goes on completely clear with no residue for daytime use. Highly recommend. Good luck!
  11. Definitely drop down to every other day if its that bad. You can always go back to once a day once you are used to it. Be careful to stay away from your eyes and lips - the skin in those areas is very sensitive. You may also be using too much. Try using no more than a pea for your entire face. Good luck.
  12. Considering most of people's "advice" around here tends to be the same things posted many times before by people too lazy to check old threads, it seems a bit much to ask for people to thank you for it. As well, there are enough waste of time posts on most of these boards without pumping up the number with a bunch of "wow, I really appraciate the fact that you felt like posting your advice" to every newcomer.
  13. I worry about the residue left from the shave cream, so tend to wash after shaving.
  14. You can't use them at the same time (e.g., both at night), but you can use them together. You can apply BP in the morning ands leave it on all day, then was and apply Retin-a at night. They do different things and the BP is effective in killing the acne bacteria.
  15. Their BP gel is very nice. Goes on and dries invisibly, without any residue. Pricey, but if you use BP during the day, worth it.
  16. Clorhexidine (Hibiclens) work to kill acne bacteria, without the drying and bleaching of BP. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...FI-0-EVGR-49973
  17. Try not to hurry it along by adding other products (like BP or Salicylic acid). You don't want to overdry your skin.
  18. And, lots of people expect these kinds of medicines to work overnight, though they take weeks to months to be effective. So, once they get a breakout after starting to use it, they wrongly attribute it to "purging." Some prodcuts are supposed to do that, but for most you are just getting the breakout you would have anyway.
  19. I am not being snide, but isn't it better when the bumps ARE flesh colored? Red bumps are what I am trying to avoid. I have been using Hibiclens for over 6 months and while it is not completely effective, it hasn't caused any breakouts itself.
  20. With retin-a, be careful not to use any other harsh cleansers or medications (like Salyclic acid or BP), at least at first. Retin-a is very drying, and you don't want to overdo it with a lot of other products. Just a gentle cleanser.
  21. You will need to keep using it until you "grow out of it." It only works while you use it. Once you are clear though, you might be able to ease back to every other day.
  22. The Paula's Choice 2% liquid is very nice. Apply like a toner with a cotton pad.
  23. I am 35 now and have mild/moderate acne. I had very little as a teenager, and didn't start having more than the occasional zit until my early 20s. Its been this way ever since, perhaps peaking around 30. I have had several derms tell me that it should be over soon, starting around 28. Obviously, everone is different, so there is no way to know how long yours will last. Hope yours goes away soon.
  24. You might want to consider a antimicro wash like Hibiclens which works like BP to kill acne bacteria, but doesn;t dry you out or interfere with retin-a.