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  1. I'm actually having a lot of luck with various asian skincare lines. At the moment I'm using Skin Food's Gold collagen serum, eye serum, and night cream. I tried Laniege's sleeping mask, but it broke me out. I'm using a Daiso HA one now, which I love. I've been using the Hada Labo HA lotion (toner) for years, and it's fantastic. I tried Etude's Moistfull ampoule and lotion, but lord, so much fragrance, really irritated my skin. BB creams though... bleh. They never work on
  2. Mehron Celebre Pro-HD it's amaaaazing. Covers absolutely everything, never looks cakey on me. I set it with either Maybelline Matte and poreless compact, which adds additional coverage and really does make things look poreless, or elf setting powder (the silica stuff). This stuff does need to be set, as it's a cream makeup. It seems greasy at first, but it doesn't stay that way, promise. I wear medium 2, which matches my nc30/35 skin prefectly.
  3. My skin does this here and there, right now it's pretty bad with the onset of winter. It sucks. I use a hyaluronic acid toner mixed with water, about 10 to 1, in a mist bottle after applying foundation. That helps a lot. Spray generously, wait to dry, spray again if necessary. It doesn't disturb my makeup unless i spray too much, and it actually runs down my face. Another thing that helps is taking a cotton ball dipped into whatever lotion you use, and scrubbing it over your face after was
  4. Yeah, that's not creepy at all. -- Sarah, you do attract weirdos. Have you read my thread "Boy Troubles"? This sums it up perfectly for anyone who's not understanding what I'm trying to say on there!! yup, that's why I commented. Freaking bizarre
  5. Yeah, that's not creepy at all. -- Sarah, you do attract weirdos.
  6. I would really watch it on the nut butters and nuts in general. Unless there is an outstanding amount of fish consumption to balance the 3/6 ratio, it's too much omega 6. You cannot have properly balanced hormones with improperly balanced fats.
  7. This and mac studio finish, awesome products. I use them as foundation, sheering them out as needed, Wayne Goss style.
  8. ^perhaps you are being too specific? Search in general terms, then narrow with specifics if the results warrant it. --- Just want to give credit where credit is due - the new search is excellent. Very well designed, nice work.
  9. where are you getting omega 6 from on paleo? Or high sugar?
  10. Ayla, Do you have issues with oily skin? While weight lifting aggravated my acne, what it really caused to get out of control was the amount of oil my skin produced. It was so uncomfortable I stopped weight lifting. I guess my short answer would be yes. There is increased cell-turnover that causes the skin on your face, and everywhere else, to slough off at an increased rate. Because of this, it may appear that there is more oil, when in reality it there is simply less trapped oil. How long we
  11. You don't have to give up lifting, or give up lifting heavy. Your diet is everything here, and 'clean' or 'healthy' or whatever else are facetious words. Their meaning is malleable and different to everyone. I lift heavy, but my diet is carefully (and deliciously) structured. I get the right fats, enough protein, I don't load up on carbs simply because it's the popular default answer. I currently have one zit. I don't want to go to the trouble of typing out a huge post only to be ignore
  12. Deja - I've been here almost as long as you, watched you post through the years, the ups, downs, changes, etc. Yes, you encouraged, but I never saw anything I would term as manipulative, malicious, harmful, or any other negative word. You are a beautiful, kind-hearted woman who got lost in a sea of conflicting information. It happens, it's okay, forgive yourself. Massive kudos for taking the time and courage to post this, to admit it to yourself, to start healing. You will be okay
  13. If that's the case, why is it the only thing that clears up my acne? I've noticed quite a few new marks on my skin in recent years. Want to know the funny thing? Not a single one of them was on an area where I apply BP. I take it you're one of those "more anti-oxidants!!!" people...as if free radicals don't serve any purpose and are the evil behind all human disease. surely you are trolling? Oxidation causes cell death, cell death causes real death. Want to live longer? Consume more anti-oxida
  14. I posted this the other day for a friend. Here's a little how-to breakdown: peak exercises done once or twice a week, in which you raise your heart rate up to your anaerobic threshold for 20 to 30 seconds, followed by a 90-second recovery period. To perform these properly you will want to get very close to, if not exceed, your maximum heart rate by the last interval. Your maximum heart rate is calculated as 220 minus your age. After you stop the intense 30-second phase, your heart rate will cont