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  1. Acneheadache


    Hey I had the same. Started using epiduo in dec 2012 had a major IB and then my face calmed to the point where I had only one spot at a time but they were persistant. The derm told me they would treat my scarring until I was completely clear so put me on accutane - I'm 8 weeks in and would thoroughly recommend it. So much easier than using a topical for the rest of my life! Let me know what your next move is.
  2. Acneheadache

    18 Year Old Accutane Journey 2013

    Hey I seem to be on the same week as you!yippeee! Glad to see you're progressing even if there are those slight set backs! I unfortunately had a mini breakout right before a wedding! Typical eh! Any who I was just wondering have you or anyone found you suffer from sickness more since being on accutane? I've either got a lowered immune system because of the drug or just unlucky in catching summer colds! Great to see your updates ill be following
  3. I used epiduo for about 6months and it brought out literally everything deep in my skin! Then it began to clear and I was left with one or two at any one time. Which was better then before but not good enough for me. So know I'm on accutane and I didn't get an initial breakout as epiduo already brought most to the surface! Try it see how it goes and if all fails get onto accutane and hopefully you wnt have an IB like me
  4. Acneheadache

    Accutane - Scarring

    I'm using cetaphil at the moment but my face seems to peel when I wash my face- maybe I'm rubbing too hard. Lol. Can I get CeraVe in the uk?
  5. Acneheadache

    Day 37 On Accutane!

    Gosh how rude are you forever healthy! If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Research the facts. YoTrey I'm at 37 day now myself - do you have any tips for me from your experience?
  6. Acneheadache

    Accutane - Scarring

    Just wondering, my face is peeling a lot at the moment - I'm 35 days into a 6 month course of 40mg a day. Will this peeling help with my acne scars like the slightly dipped ones??
  7. Acneheadache

    Roaccutane Diary -Week 2-3

    So I'm on my 18th day now and seem to have passed a small IB. I got maximum 7-8 around my chin and mouth which pretty much dried up and went within 2 days! I still have the small pink hyper pigmentation but this usually takes a little longer to go down. One major this to note, I rarely get blackheads but as of day 12 ish I noticed my whole nose and chin were covered in them! Only small barely noticeable (I spend s much time 2cm away from the mirror I can see them). I read that basically my skin
  8. Acneheadache

    Roaccutane Diary - Week 1

    Roaccutane Diary - Week 1 I started my Roaccutane treatment on Wednesday 17th July and am on 2x20mg a day and take both in the evening after dinner. Ive been told to take it on a full stomach otherwise it can give you stomach cramps. After ALOT of research I know that this medicine makes your skin dry especially your lips! So my darling mother said shed treat me to an Elizabeth Arden 8hour cream skin protectant. I can think of nicer treats, but at £25 a pop I suppose its quite a nice supportiv
  9. Acneheadache

    Back Story

    Roaccutane Diary - Back Story Ive decided to make a roaccutane diary to see my progress and give others an insight into The road to Acne recovery - I hope! Firstly, just a brief overview I am a 24 yr old female with mild persistent acne. Ive had issues with my skin since the age of 14 where I had spots on my back. I went on antibiotics which cleared me up for the most part but within the year I was back where I started and sure enough they had started to migrate to my face. Luckily not so bad