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  1. Day 147- I'm done with accutane! I saw my doctor on Thursday and she said there's no point to keep me on it any longer because I'm pretty much 100% clear ..except for an occasional bump. I'm so glad I decided to do this and would recommend it to anyone!! I'll update again in a few Weeks..hopefully I stay clear!!
  2. Day 138- Well, it's been about 3 weeks since starting 80Mg and I don't see much of a difference. I'm surprisingly not anymore dry than I was on 60Mg (the petroleum jelly helps a ton though) and no mood changes. The spironolactone has helped the hormonal acne tremendously! I only get an occasional pimple on my jaw line..nothing like before! I still get a new pimple on my cheek every few days but once again nothing like before. No more deep painful cysts! I'm anxious to see what my doctor says n
  3. Day 117- Once again I haven't updated in sooo long!! So sorry! I went to the dermatologist yesterday and she seems happy with my results so far, but wanted to up my dosage. So now I'm taking 80mg daily instead of 60mg. I still get a lot of breakouts on my jaw line (hormonal acne) so she put me on spironolactone 100mg daily. She told me that the accutane wont help the hormonal acne so hopefully this helps! I've been on it before and I'm not really sure if it helped in the past. Anyone el
  4. Day 87- Wow I haven't updated in awhile!! So sorry! Well, my skin is getting a lot better. EVERYONE keeps telling me how great it looks. I still get breakouts but a lot less than before and they go away almost instantly. And I have the dryness under control.. finally! I went to my doctor last week and she said I should be seeing nothing but positive results from now on since tomorrow hits 13 weeks! I guess it did take me about 12 weeks to start noticing real results.. So anyone getting f
  5. Day 65- Hi erb27! Unfortunately my skin looks worse than it has in awhile. The right side of my face has about 12 spots...some just fading red spots and others are pimples. It's very hard to cover it all with makeup, so once again I'm self-conscious going out in public. The left side is almost 100% clear. My skin has such gotten worse within the past week and I'm not sure why? I'm hoping by the time I see my doctor next month it'll look better. I also had the eczema under control and n
  6. Day 58- Just a quick update... I had such a difficult time getting my prescription this week. Like I mentioned in my last update my doctor was switching me to amnesteem..well the pharmacy didn't have that in stock and was suppose to order it..so after a few days of waiting I called to find out the pharmacist contacted my doctor and switched me back to claravis.(???) instead of 30mg twice a day I'm now taking 20mg three times a day. It took me 5 days to get it because there was issue afte
  7. Day 55- Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and she just kept telling me that by week 12 I'll be extremely happy with the results..so by my next appointment. She could defiantly tell that I'm discouraged lately. I'm still breaking out and it's frustrating. I guess I was hoping to be pretty clear by now. I have good days and then bad days (today is a bad day) I guess I just need to be patient right? I've been on Claravis the last two months and when my doctor went to fill my prescription sh
  8. Day 48- (I think) My lips are SO dry. I use aquaphor multiple times a day, but a few days ago my lips cracked SO BAD and now they just look raw. Not sure what to do about this other than to just keep using aquaphor and wait patiently! My skin hasn't been too dry. Any dryness is usually just around my chin.. I'll say this every time..the vaseline every night helps tremendously! My skin seems to be a lot better. Less redness and way less breakouts. I have a really painful bump near my eyebrow
  9. Day 42- Wow! I can't believe how fast this is going.. I feel like I just started yesterday!! Well so far so good. My skin seems to be looking better and better. I still get spots here and there but they're a lot smaller now. Haven't had any painful cysts in weeks now!! I'm expecting my period in the next few days and I only suffered a MINOR breakout. Nothing like usual! And people have been telling me my skin is glowing..haven't heard anything like that in years! Such a great feeling!
  10. Thanks, I'll look into the cerave and curel! Erb27- Second round huh? The first time didn't work? That's my biggest fear!! I hope this works for you!! Thanks a lot for the support!
  11. Hi! I wouldn't say dark marks..just red spots on my upper right cheek. I have no idea how to make them go away..I've just been patiently waiting!! Let me know if anything works for you!
  12. Day 32- So my skin is still the same. I don't think it looks worse or better. I haven't got any cysts on my chin in awhile though..yay!! So that's a positive.. But I still get a new spot or two everyday. My birthday is next friday so I'm hoping my face looks half way decent so that I can go out. I've been using vaseline on my face every night like my doctor suggested and that has definitely helped with the dryness and peeling..now my makeup doesn't flake off! I'm still getting the dry patc
  13. Day 29- So I went to the doctor today for my one month check up and she thinks my skin looks better than it has in awhile! Yay! She told me by month 3 (12 weeks) I should be completely clear and just coast thru the last 2ish months. She gave me a lot of hope so I'm extremely excited!! I'm staying on 60mg and continuing with the same moisturizers, but since I'm peeling a lot around my mouth and chin she told me to put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on my face every night. Hopefully that helps sin
  14. I colored my hair (all over color) on accutane and I had absolutely no issues. You should be fine!
  15. BMarie- I've tried to get to the full version and it never works I'll try to get on a computer within the next few days though! Candygirl30- Thanks for the support! I wish you the best as well! As for my red spots well they always turn into scabs (since my skin is so dry) so every night I put neosporin on them and that seems to help! Good luck!