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  1. Stop using antibiotics cuz in the long run itll make your acne immune and stronger. I recomend taking vitamins, and looking into using one of these three regimens: dan kerns regimen (from this site), the caveman regimen, or applying zinc oxide( daiper rash medicine). After years of research, these are the top three most succesful. The caveman regimen might be the toughest but it is 0 dollars!
  2. When you take a shower, shampoo and condition before you wash your body. Bring a clip or hair tie in the shower to put up your when you wash your body so the soap wont get in your hair. The last thing you should do in the shower is wash your face.
  3. It feels really great! Just stick to your guns! I havent done anything for dark spot or scars because im going to see how fast they might fade on their own. I also hope the aha will help with that. Im scared to add anything new to my routine but hopefully i will come across something that seems bullet proof so to speak
  4. Okay so last time i posted (i think on the wrong part of this website but whatevs) i had a few breakouts and it was around that time of the month and now its around that time again! Boo.. But okay so last time and everyother time lots a breakouts but now my face is cleeaar! Woo! (Still have ugly dark spots and scars ): badd newwws: i got zits on my chest:( so this week i had to wear sweaters and scarfs even tho i dont want to -_____- im using diaper rash medicine on my chest cuz i dont really wa
  5. HI! okay so i have been on Dan's Regimen for maybe a little over a month and i got it off his website which is really easy to do. So it is really difficult to start on this. I haven't gone up to two pumps twice a day yet. I do that maybe twice a week for like two days in a row then i do it only at night for the rest of the week. my skin is dry (used to be combo oily) , but it is not flaky anymore. I only had one really bad flaky day but then i bought cetaphil daily moisture creme i think and use
  6. Hi my name is soliz and I am 16. I have known about this site for a long while but haven't really paid much attention to it. My struggle with acne started when I was in 5th grade(age10) and i had extremely light acne. I would get a cluster of small zits under my bottom lip. And it doesnt sound that bad, and it was but being that little made me feel terrible about myself and that kept happening through 7th grade. I would kept getting more Acne below my lip and one or two on my forehead. I was pr