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  1. i took my last pill this morning,im clear,havent had a major pimple in a couple months,so im leaving this site...i wish everyone good luck on getting the clear skin that they deserve,and hopefully you wont ever have to see me on this site again..i thank everybody that has helped me on this long and hard road..but now i think its time to move on and try to live my life and put this behind me....thanks everyone
  2. how long after you stop your course do the side effects go away?...like the dry skin,slow healing,chapped lips etc...ive only got 16 days left so i was just wondering....
  3. hey tennille it sucks you had a bad experience with accutane, but that doesnt mean you should go around these forums telling everybody thats on it to quit taking it..,especially when its helped so many ppl including myself..
  4. i use eucerin intensive repair lotion it works awesome for dry flaky skin
  5. im the same age and about same height as you but i only weigh about 140 and i was put on 70mg a day for 5 months so you should be fine with that dose
  6. do you know when the dry skin side effect gos away?...because thats probably when ill go when my skins not so dry anymore..
  7. actually leetch if you look at the side effects of accutane you will see that weight loss IS a side effect although it may be somewhat uncommon
  8. how long do you have to wait after accutane to go tanning and use tanning booths?..i get off accutane at the end of march and i wanna get me a nice tan for the summertime
  9. well they say on the bottles non-comedogenic but i dont know if theres any truth to that...anybody else have any experience with eucerin?
  10. ive been using different eucerin lotions on my accutane course..but are they comedogenic?...ive been using the original and intensive repair ones..
  11. yes weight loss is common... im almost at the end of my 4th month on accutane and ive lost about 15 lbs since starting it