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  1. KatieC

    Back Again...

    Week and a half in: Breakout is kind of drying up. Only kind of though. Found i can cover them quite well with powder, but i'm not using that till saturday when i need to. Just used a scrub to get some dry skin off, worked well. Bought to put nightly BP on. That's it.
  2. KatieC

    Back Again...

    Can't sleep so i uploaded photos of my horrible chin...
  3. KatieC


    My journey
  4. KatieC


    From the album: Starting

    Another picture of the same damn chin. *sigh*
  5. KatieC


    From the album: Starting

    This is just my problem area my chin and upper lip. Break out a week and a half in. erurgh.
  6. So i tried this regimen a month or so back, and my skin went absolutely terrible. I couldn't move my mouth for the pain and so on. It was bad. So i stopped using it, and i tried some other face wash stuff and it's worked well. I don't have as many spots as i used to. So the other week, i had a breakout and i thought back to using BP gel again. So i have, and i've been on it for the past week and a half. And i don't get it, my skins fine now, it just goes on goes a tad dry but just as dry as usi
  7. So something weird is happening. I bought some VitaminE Mosturiser and Face wash from superdrug. And it's completely cleared up my skin?! I bought it just because i wanted something gentle, and waa laa. No active spots for over 4 days. Which is really really odd for me. My scars are so slowly but surely healing, and my skin feels softer than ever.
  8. It's St. Ives Moisturising cream. My skins pretty bad. Spots are just healing, it's so so so so irritating.
  9. I'm using this face wash stuff right, and i don't think it has any spot fighting ingredients or whatever and it's really good on my face, and seems to clear me up a BIT. Only a little...these are the ingredients.. Aqua (water) Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Lactic Acid, Cocamidopropyl, Cocate, Sodium Lactate, Steareth-4, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol
  10. Oki doki, i'll stop. But i need some form of mosturiser, cos my skin gets real dry. =\
  11. my chins always red =( But yeah, the spots have just got bigger...*sigh* i'm used to it...
  12. Yeah i did, then i changed to a normal Nivea cream. And that didn't sting as much. I think i'm going to start the BP next monday, but i'm going to use the TEEEEENIEST bit. I've learnt my (painful) lesson
  13. L'oreal Pure Zone. I don't know the ingredients i'm afraid they were on the box and i threw it out =\ Is it too early to try the BP again? These spots are REALLY REALLY REALLY doing my head in.
  14. Ahhh jeeze i've just had a huge breakout to. I have atleast, 10 whiteheads on my chin now, jesus christ
  15. well...that's the amount i used. And it says to start off with use a small amount then shows that picture, so i just figured that was the small amount you were talking about. But i guess it differs from person to person. I don't know about being clearer, maybe it was just me because it seems to be fine for everyone else. I guess it's just different sensitivity, my skins usually fine with trying new stuff, it's not usually sensitive at all, thats why it was such a shock.
  16. Well when it says "start with a small amount" it gives you the link to the pictures! So i thought that was a fairly small amount, obviously after the first burn (which hurt like hell) I took it right right down, but it had already done it's damage. I'll start it in the school holidays sometimes.
  17. I have acne round my chin and above my lip. I bite my nails alot, and i press on my cheek alot because i bite the inside of my mouth. Which i shouldn't, i figure maybe this may aggrivate my skin as i do it alot. And it's only round this area. I may start the regimen again when i'm not in school, because i've missed two days of school because of it. And i just can't afford to.
  18. Yeah, it sounds like you've had everything i have. I have stopped using it now, my skins just recovering from the dryness, i might try the regimen in a couple of months who knows. But right now, i just want my normal skin type back. I will even deal with the spots, clear skin is not worth that much pain.
  19. OK, so i'm quitting. My skin is WAY WAY WAY too dry, so dry it's sore. No moisterizer is helping, maybe my skins just uber sensitive. I used like half of the small amount because it stung, how long till my skin will go back to normal dya think?
  20. What level of redness is considered normal?
  21. It's stinging a little but no where near as much as yesterday.
  22. I just put the BP on, i put ALOT less on. And it doesn't sting! I also changed my facewash, cause i had a couple. When i looked i saw the other two where spot combating ones. This one is just for dry skin, so i used that and alot less BP. It's usually the moisterizer that stings. I've got 10 minutes till i put that on...
  23. It's PanOxyl 2.5, that's ok isn't it? So it's day 3, the redness has subsided quite a bit my face is just really dry. I'm gonna use it this morning, but i'm going to use considerably less. And if my face still really burns i'm going to completely stop. Fingers crossed aye....
  24. I'm only putting on as much was shown in the pictures. I even put less on before because it was drying my skin out so much
  25. Yeah i think im gonna stop. I can't sleep cos my face really hurts. I hope i'm not allergic to it or anything, cause i thought i finally found something that shows results. I might see how my skin is in the morning (if i can sleep) i don't know... I just want it gone =(