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  1. This may be a really stupid question.. but for 4 months i've been taking 20mg/day of accutane(oratane), and my acne has gone down significantly and pretty much had no pimples after 3.5 months of treatment. Saw my doctor around 2 weeks ago and he told me since the treatment was going so well, he would prescribe be 6 more weeks of 20mg/day and another 6 weeks of 10mg/day and i'll be finished. So i go the pharmacy and they gave me 10mg pills of oratane instead of the 20mg I was used to. I was
  2. 20 hairs a day? on average we lose over 100 hairs a day think you're just overreacting
  3. I'm on day 60 of accutane and the inside of my nose is getting REALLY dry. The walls stick together if I don't flare my nostrils every so often. But that doesn't bother me too much.. what bothers me is I'm getting these crusty, sharp boogers that stick onto the walls of my nose every few hours it honestly amazes me how fast these boogers build up. I have to dig in deep with my fingers to actually remove these boogers, since they're pretty much glued to the walls of my nose. It hurts to take
  4. I'm on day 13 of accutane 20mg/day, everything is going great.. my lips are slightly dry but manageable, skin is much less oily, no other noticeable side effects etc... but my eyes are seriously bloodshot and red. I've had 3-4 friends in the past 2 days ask me why my eyes are so bloodshot, it's definitely noticeable. Other than that they aren't too dry, but they constantly feel warm and watery. Most of the stories I hear of people online who have the same problem usually get it later on in t
  5. Thanks for the replies! so if accutane stays in your system anyway, could I just take the pills on the same night I'm going to drink? My derm never told me anything about skipping a pill before drinking or anything like that so that's why i ask
  6. I'm a 21 year old male currently on day 2 of accutane(oratane), 20mg a day. I want to know about how you go about taking accutane and drinking alcohol... I know drinking alcohol taxes your liver and is even worse for you when you are on accutane, but I'm a college student and it's pretty hard not to have a few drinks at the end of the week with your mates. I asked my derm about this before we started and he said it would be perfectly fine to have a few drinks while on the drug. But is it oka
  7. I'm starting accutane in a few days, so i've been doing my research and buying the right products I should be using for my skin while I'm on the drug. I'm thinking of buying the QV gentle wash, because I'm not really a fan of the cetaphil gentle cleanser. It doesn't have any active ingredients or anything and has generally higher reviews than cetaphil so I'm not too worried about that But their QV lotion contains active ingredients: Soft white paraffin 5.0%, glycerol 5.0%. Hydroxybenzoat
  8. Since i live in New Zealand, I was thinking of only ordering the acne.org treatment (2.5% bp) instead of the whole kit since shipping is way too expensive. I've read several reviews on the moisturizer and they weren't all that great. So I'm thinking of using cetaphil moisturizing lotion as a replacement at night, and maybe mix it with the acne.org jojoba oil as well since I've heard it is quite thick. In the day time I might use the olay complete moisturizer with spf 15. For the cleanse
  9. Was thinking of purchasing the large kit and the shipping is so expensive.. costs almost as much as the kit itself. Cheapest option is international flat rate box which is almost $50.. sigh. Anyway I have a few questions: 1)which shipping option did you choose? 2)how long did it take for the products to arrive? (preferably auckland) 3)The large kit says it lasts for 2-4months... how long did the products last for you? (i'm a student so I really can't afford to buy these products 4-5 tim
  10. Hi. I was thinking of purchasing and starting the regimen when I noticed the regimen did not include sunscreen or any spf. I've heard that Benzoyl peroxide does make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, so I really want to incorportate spf into my routine. What method would be better for reducing irritation? Should I apply normal sunscreen after applying the acne.org moisturizer, or use an additional moisturizer with spf on top of the acne.org moisturizer? eg olay complete spf 15 -