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  1. Darn, I really wish I knew this sooner. ._. I've been on enpresse for so long and I feel like its been working well for me over all without other bad symptoms, I'd hate to get on something else and mess that up. I'll have to talk to my doctor I guess. You seem to know a lot about this kind of thing. I just find it weird because I've had this acne like this before I got on birthcontrol, it was even worse, so I never would have thought the birth control would be the cause of the acne.
  2. It is called Enpresse. I don't really know much about the differences in birth controls. How is it that one can differentiate acne... Like how do I really know if mine is hormonal or not? I feel like I haven't noticed my acne changing or getting worse around my period or anything like that, like some people do.
  3. I seriously been considering trying the caveman regimen because I seriously feel like at this point, being 22 in two weeks, my acne still looks awful and I don't remember what clear skin feels like. But I'm afraid if I try to caveman out, my skin will be way to oily for me to handle at the moment. For a while now I've been only using an oatmeal aveno soap, because it isn't as harsh on my skin, but I am currently reducing it down to a mixture I made with oatmeal and natural honey to cleanse with.
  4. I've been taking birth control for years now, I originally thought it would help, but didn't do anything significant. ):
  5. Hello, I have been an acne sufferer since I can't even remember when but around the start of high school. I am currently 22. In high school my acne was BAD. It covered my face in pustules and red inflamed bumps, and black heads. It covered my chest, back, shoulders, face, neck, and random pimple pretty much everywhere else. My skin has cleared up a lot since then and I feel like my face is clear compared to what it used to be, but still, its not very pretty and I want to actually know what it fe
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    From the album: acne

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    From the album: acne

  10. I've never really had anyone say anything mean to me straight up about my acne, but I think were it hit me was when at my old job I had two young children comment on it. "What is that red stuff all over your face?" "What is wrong with your skin?" was pretty much what I was asked both times. I know they didn't mean anything by it and they didn't know or understand, but I was embarrassed and it kind of hit me hard. ): Another time when my best friend and I were taking taking a photo together a