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  1. Hey Guys! I was at The Coffee Bean the other day and once my order was completed I asked the casier/barista if they had vegan baked goods and she said no. Then when the barista who made my drink asked me If I was the one who asked about the vegan stuff and I said yes. And she said my chai latte has milk in it, and I asked her how is that possible because I asked for almond milk, Then she showed me a can of the vanilla powder they add in the coffee as a sweetener, which contains the fabulous
  2. hey! have you tried tea tree oil? dude that stuff is awesome. works like a miracle. immediate responses to cystic and those big nasty ones. makes them less noticable. mix it with your body wash for back acne. hope this helps )) oh and lemon juice is great too! reduced my hyper pigmentation and stubborn acne scars! good luckk
  3. well, this wasn't said to me but my friend. It was in middle school and she had really bad acne, like one's that blend in with your skin color. so we were in gym period and just talking outside in the tracks. This girl just randomly comes up to her and asks "OMG DOES THAT HURTTT??" she points at her face so we knew what she was referring to. I was so shocked and so was my friend. we just walked away and didn't talk about it. Just moved on.