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  1. Gymrat did it start out as a red bump or did you notice just a bump in the skin before all this? I think I have one forming too and I wanna make sure it isnt a cyst.
  2. Anyone????????? Surely one person can help me out, seeing as how someone with a similar post got a reply. Thanks
  3. So I have been taking Doxycycline 100mg twice a day since Thursday the 27th of December... Should my acne get a little bit worse before it gets better, on this antibiotic? I know, I'm probably being impatient since it hasn't been even a week. But a big freaking red inflamed spot popped up right NEXT to the one I was trying to get rid of in the first place. Is this normal on antibiotics?
  4. Help me please.. in spite of what I read online about the different types of acne (you don't have to reiterate or reeducate me on that one, for sure) I can NOT seem to identify the type of acne I have. I suspect that I have cysts but it's only two or three and they are in the same area. The area is large, red and inflamed, but if you feel around you can only feel a tiny lump in there somewhere. Also, nothing hurts when I touch it. Here is a picture. Please help me guys, I really would appreci