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  1. Thanks for the response. Yea I guess I will keep at the tretinoin and hopefully it wil get better over time
  2. Hello so I have been on this journey to get clear skin for the last six painful months!!! It has truly been a roller coaster ride trying to find the correct medications that are good for my skin to help it stay clear! I have now been on tretinoin for 12 weeks and my skin has cleared up a bit from before, however I still get some breakouts but am hoping that with time this problem will subside. One of my top concerns now though is ACNE SCARS!!! They are a real pain. Even after my ugly inflamed ac
  3. Thank you for your response. I recently stopped using the clindamycin and am using the desonide only a few times a week. I feel it is not good to use sooo many products on my face. Hopefully I see some better results with the tretinoin. I am now on week 10. Still have some acne and new breakouts, mostly a ton of scarring. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to get better over time.
  4. Ok so this is now my 6th week of using tretinoin and I heard this is the time that I can expect to see some really positive results. Well.... I first started off using tretinoin every other night, then started to use it every night, but after getting alot of irritation and dryness I cut back my usage to every other day. I don't know if this is going to harm my recovery process but I feel this is best for my skin because otherwise it gets too irritated. Well anywayy so I think that over time
  5. Anyone? Im confused about whether its recommended to use clindamycin, retin a and desonide cream all at once? I thought that might be too much for my face to handle, but thats what my derm prescribed.
  6. Hello, so I have been battling with really horrible acne for the past couple of months. I started on a regimen of clindamycin wipes and tretinoin cream a month ago to try and combat this problem. Although I feel as though this combination of meds was slowly starting to improve my skin I was experiencing a great amount of dryness. I do not know if this is due to the cold weather or the meds but it seemed that no matter what I would put on my face, it would still feel dry and almost hurt. I made a
  7. Hey so i just wanted to give a quick update on my progress. So at the moment I felt like my skin was slightlyyyy getting better, I do have quite a few new breakouts and also a lot of dryness and flakiness (also due to the extremely cold weather), but I was feeling like I was doing better. That was until I went to the derm today. She looked at my face and said that although it may be clearing up a bit it is not where she wants it to be and added a desonide cream to my regimen. She said I have a l
  8. So I made a trip to the derm today and am feeling slightly discouraged. I thought that my skin was starting to get somewhat better, however,my derm added a desonide cream to my regimen due to the fact that I have a lot of redness and scarring. Ugh this is really a roller coaster ride, Feeling disheartened
  9. Hello, I dont know if anyone is reading this thread but just figured I should write a quick update. Okay so I am currently in my fourth week at the moment. At this point in time the area I live in is getting extremely cold causing my skin to dry out more than it already is from using the tretinoin. I am experiencing a lot of dryness and peeling on my face at the moment. Currently I am also starting to continue to get some whiteheads all over my left cheek, have two active ones on my chin, as
  10. Hey guys, just thought to post an update since I last posted. I am now on week 3. I am experiencing massive amounts of peeling and flaking at this point all over my face which is quite odd since I did not experience that when I first started using it, although I think the reason for this could be that initially I would apply the clindamycin every night as well as tretinoin but now I just use the tretinoin cream alone. I am also still breaking out and my face hurts pretty bad and is very tender t
  11. Okay so thought to write a quick update on my progress so far. At this point I am not getting any more dryness, or tight feeling from the tretinoin. I have howeever been waking up every morning to new pimples. I think I am now in the inital breakout phase. My left cheek which was starting to rapidly clear up is now completely coveredin pimples and so is my right cheek. I'm also getting pimples on my forehead now. I have tried exfoliating with just a clean soft paper towel and gently rubbing my s
  12. Hey thank you for the words of encouragement. You are right it really is a real test of endurance but I guess it will benefit me in the long run so I will try my best to stick with it and not throw in the towel! 12 weeks seems like an eternity though but I guess I just need to learn to be more patient. Was your forehead area really bad before? And also, you said your chin is still really bad but would you say it is getting a little better than before? I am just afraid of getting more scarring th
  13. I have battled with acne since I was a teenager. All throughout high school I had terrible skin, but miraculously as I got older it started to get a bit better. I started to get happy that maybe I am finally growing out of it. I am now 23. That all changed until about five months ago. I noticed that I started to develop acne on my cheeks ( a major problem area all throughout my teens, but not an area where I developed acne at all anymore). Initially I did not think anything of it, and tried some
  14. HHeyy good luck on your journey with tretinoin! I would like to know how your progress goes so it would be nice to hear updates from you. I am now beginning what I believe is the dreaded inital breakout from it not happy about it. after the last few months of battling severe inflamed acne, finallyyy my skin started to show some progress and get clearer, however i was left with a ton of scars. Now again, I have started to break out and it honestly terrifies me! I do not want my skin to get that
  15. Sorry I had misread your post earlier, I thought you said you applied it every other night, And yes I do have some current acne, mostly whitheads, blackheads and clogged pores on my cheeks and chin and I have a lot of red marks and scarring from previous breakouts. But yes I suppose I should be happy that I am not peeling, I just assumed that it meant that it may not be working, and started to get worried! And no I have not been exfoliating. I know I am supposed to be doing that though to clear