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  1. because I been eating everything I wanted since I been on it and haven't seen much results.
  2. yeah because I'm feeling pretty depressed because is my 4th month and not a pot has changed from when i started.
  3. yeah because my face looks like a tomato Ted then goes back to normal and it continuously does that.
  4. cause I'm on it and I don't have that much pimples but the red marks are still there.
  5. don't you think by now I should be clear . Because I still get pimples on my face.
  6. I been on accutane for 2 and half months but my face is always red and sensitive is this normal?
  7. well results will take some time. I'm on month 3 and have seen no results. I'm on claravis. I still break out so just keep taking it and you'll see results also 20 mg is a low dose. My first month I took 40 mg a day and my second I did 60 mg and right now I'm on 80 mg. bit I certainly know that I will be cured by god.
  8. I'm halfway through month 3 and this medication is amazing I only have 2 small pimples and that sit. When I had a face full of them I'm on 60 mg a day . Just give it time and it will work .
  9. thank you because I'm starting to get pretty discouraged. because I'm halfway through month 3 and have seen no results.
  10. your acne doesn't seem to be severe. But go to your dermatologist and he'll help you. But treat if before its gets really severe like mines did.
  11. I did 2 months completed but had to stop for a month and a half because of my insurance. Anyway I got back on the medicine on October 24 and its January 1st and have seen little to no improvement . it's my 5 th month when would it start to clear my acne?
  12. because I've been on it for 2 months and have eaten all I wanted is that bad. Do certain foods make accutane less effective ?
  13. hi everyone I'm new to acne.org and I'm currently on accutane 60 mg a day. I completed 2 months from July 17 to September 17 but then I had to stop taking accutane for a month and a half because I didn't have insurance but I got back on the medication on October 24 I started and its January 1 and have seen no results my derm told me we would do a 6 month course but I'm still break out at my 5th month anybody know when it would start to work thanks for your replies: