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  1. I'm sure some of you have seen those videos all over facebook of people using a Charcoal mask that pulls out the gunk in your clogged pores. I don't know the name of the product, but at my job (I sell vitamins) charcoal has been becoming a very popular product (teeth cleaning, the scrubs, ect). It seems to be the new fad. I know there are some soaps (Grandpa's soap) Yes to Tomatoes has a scrub and mask, Freeman Feeling Beautiful has a peel off clay mask... I know some people make their ow
  2. well I just started taking doxy this month and I'm only on it temporarily. I honestly don't think its helping me anyway, but I always take probiotics in between my doses. I dont really know how well thats going, but I haven't had any negative side effects yet... i get cyst like acne too on my back, which i do think is hormonal because its so much worse for that time of the month. ive been taking inositol, which while i still get break outs, i no longer get them as cysts. theres no re
  3. Have you tried taking any probiotics? I'm taking doxycycline twice a day, and I take a probiotic inbetween I mean, its worth a try... there are also candida cleanses (renew life i believe makes a few, twinlab also has a product for yeast overgrowth.. and as far as the liver... milk thistle is really good for cleansing/detoxing the liver
  4. so ive been using differin with cleocin-t and its *kind* of working.. ive been using it on my back and the top of it looks clearer than it used to i did temporarily use it on my face, i did it twice.. and i guess since my skin is so sensitive my face is dry and it feels so tight every moisturizer i put on burns soooooooo bad so I've been using sweet almond oil just to prevent the stinging... it helps a little bit. its the only thing i can put on my face that doesnt make it feel like its on f
  5. So I've been doing some research, and I know a lot of people with acne (myself included) pick at their acne... and supposedly, taking 1200mg a day could help impulse skin picking. So I was just wondering if anyone has taken this supplement? I'm thinking of trying it
  6. figured I'd post a quick update... sorry its long i kind of am posting some as a think-out-loud lol I've been taking inositol (as capsules because its cheaper) 2x in the morning (660mg each so 1320mg in the morning) and 1-2x at night, as well as taking a saw palmetto in the morning, 1x 320mg I also take a product called Oona that has vitex and black cohosh, but I use that more for regulating my period than anything else, I don't think that does anything for acne.. I actually think it ma
  7. well I know I'm not going to find a quick fix... that's why I'm starting now... i think a lot of my back is scars, with a random small bumps, and a few cystic ones I just want improvement I was debating the saw palmetto, but can they test DHT levels? free testosterone was on the high side of normal, and total testosterone was high with high DHEA... how much saw palmetto would you suggest taking? ps thanks
  8. I dont know if this could apply to anyone here, but me personally, I have really sensitive skin so a lot of shampoos that have the chemicals and fragrance in it makes my scalp break out... ive been using Dessert Essence unscented shampoo and conditioner, it is all natural oils, no SLS, no fragrance, and I haven't had any problems on my scalp with it
  9. well i read on a lot of websites to take 2000-4000 a day i mentioned pcos to my dr, and she kind of laughed at me... i think the only other thing (besides high test levels) is my lh is high, but everything else is normal, my hemoglobin is normal, so theres nothing else really to show thats what it could be http://blog.bodykind.com/iositol/myo-inositol-a-safe-and-effective-supplement-for-pcos/ The blights of PCOS: ovulation problems, acne and hirsuitism Other studies echo these fi
  10. isnt DIM more for estrogen levels? Ive been taking 2000 mgs of inositol, i really hope it works
  11. Well I do have it on more than just my back, my chest, neck, jawline, face, it's just worse on the back and I do have sensitive skin so all my soaps are fragrance free and for sensitive skin I've had problems with my cycle and acne which was originally why I was put on birth control, but I've taken it a few years, then stopped, then went back on it, stopped... I've been off of it now since October and my acne is progressively getting worse. I'm assuming it's the test & dhea levels sinc
  12. I have bad acne all over my back, plus pretty irregular periods (I get it more often than I should) all my levels are pretty much normal except testosterone and DHEA, they were both high I had a sonogram and they verified that I have no cysts, so it's not PCOS obviously the quick fix everyone wants to give is birth control, but I feel like I have been on and off of them my whole life and I don't think its healthy to be on it for years.They also want me to take either Metformin or Spiro, but I
  13. i requested my hormones to be tested because i know they're all out of wack... quick backstory - my period is irregular (i spot just about the entire time in between periods) so i was always put on birth control pills... it definitely helped regulate me and it helped my skin out quite a bit but i dont want to be on the birth control forever (I'm 28 and ive been on and off of them now for years) so i went off the pill and i tried to balance my hormones naturally ive been taking something c
  14. Just curious if anyone has used this and how it worked for you? I have really bad acne on my back, and everything I read for supplements to try are Vit A, Vit E, Selenium, Zinc....so I was just curious since this has a blend of all of those supplements if anyone had any success with it?