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  1. I know that any kind of skin treatments are a no no on accutane, but I was just wondering if having implants done while on it is a bad idea also? Is there anyone who has had it done or talked to a doctor about this?
  2. Oh tits, i'd let you play with my bits. Oh tits, i'd let you be my little snitch. Oh tits, oh tits, my bitch, tits.

    1. I love it when you :shake:.. it makes me :fishy:

      1. Hi Mr.Jay, you turn me on. :)

        1. I've just started using V05 Nourishing Oasis and I like it so far, about half way through the bottles.
        2. *slobbers all over your profile*


          1. Happy Birthday/Annversary ~*T*~

            1. Hmm, I didn't even know there was such thing as a foundation brush! lol I've always used my fingers, never affected me acne wise. I do my make up straight out of the shower, so they should be clean. The sponge soaks up too much of the foundation IMO. Wastes for sure.