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  1. Glad you found something that works for you. All natural stuff is awesome because sometimes chemicals can just cause extra irritation, you know? The one Neutrogena product I liked was that oil-free cleanser in the soap dispenser and it's orange, and it worked nice, but it dried my skin so badly it started to peel a little, was terrible. Right now I'm on Nature's Cure, which boasts about natural ingredients, and the pills you get have natural stuff in them, which I definitely like.
  2. Any questions about this product/regimen, I'll gladly answer. Tomorrow night the two week result pictures go up, proving or disproving the products two week guarantee claim. Nature's Cure isn't exactly one of the most advertised systems out there, but it's definitely worth a shot.
  3. About me: In my relatively short sixteen years of existence, my life hasn't been the best. I have depression currently being treated, and have had many terrible days in the past. I started getting acne around seventh of eight grade, and at the time, I was overweight and had very long hair covering my face, sort of acting as a social bulwark. I tried hiding behind it, thinking my problems would go away, and my acne gradually got worse. At first, I did little to treat it, which led to a fast and u