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  1. Yea you can use bottled water but that would cost much more... but you can start with that... Keep in mind most filters on the market are crap and don't do much. Zerowater is the absolute best hands down and it doesn't cost more.
  2. Wash your face with only purified water. Buy the Zerowater filter asap. It filters the water to bottle water standards. I do not know of any other filter that does that for the price. This is something you must try.
  3. Wash your face with only purified water. Buy the Zerowater filter asap. It filters the water to bottle water standards. I do not know of any other filter that does that for the price.
  4. If you want clear skin do not wash your face with tap water. Especially not warm or hot. But All tap water will cause breakouts. Try it for yourself. Wash your face with purified or bottled water and see the difference. Zerowater is the best filter I know of for the price. It comes with a water tester and purifies the water to bottled water standards. Anything that touches your face that has been cleaned with tap water can cause a breakout. Wash the towel that you use on your face and yo
  5. I want all of you to try these things and then tell me if you still have acne anymore. 1. Follow the Paleolithic diet 2. Drink And Wash with only purified water . 3. Avoid Steam from warm and hot tap water. 4. What ever towel you use on your face make sure to wash it with purfied water before hand, I guess once a week would be good. 5. Of course Don't use any harsh chemicals on ur face, body or hair. Only natural stuff. I use zerowater filter that filters 2 gallons a water at
  6. Eating healthy is not going to completely stop sebum production... what about the dirt that builds up on the skin ? dead skin cells? your gonna leave that on ur face to clog ur pores? Eating healthy is a great thing. I have ate healthy to try to clear my skin and it had not done the job completely. Maybe combining my method of washing and exfoliating with eating healthy would do wonders for the skin. I know my method seems too simplitic to work so well, but maybe the right times to wash and e
  7. its not mandatory to sleep on ur back.. but try the best you could.
  8. Hi... I just want to write about the great experience im having with the way im taking care of my skin lately. It is very simple actually and has been working great. I think it has to do with two reasons. #1 keeping my face clean and #2 exfoliation. All i do is wash my face with regular water and use a loofah once every few days to exfoliate while taking a bath. Basically the trick is to keep ur face free from pore clogging substances as much as possible. So do your best to not touch your f
  9. I can relate very much to what everyone is saying about how painful looking in the mirror can be. I think the best thing to do is not to look at mirrors much. Its an addiction that needs to be broken. Why should we continue to put ourselves through such trauma when we can just deal with our situation without kicking ourselves when were down ? I say if you do look in the mirror say positive things about your appearance or be truely honest with yourself and when mean truely honest i dont mean w
  10. jen if u prefer to wait 30 mins after eating fruits to add oils, nuts, or watever you may do so... But if you think this diet is bad for digestion you have a lot to learn.... all of us here arent following food combining to the core and i doubt you are either... i think its well know that you are suppose to get carbs, protein and fat at every meal... i usually eat some brazil nuts after i finish my fruits... is that a digestion nightmare to you?
  11. I havent really experimented much with what i can eat and what i cant... but right now there is one food i would like to take out of my diet... and thats doritos potato chips... I ate doritos the last two days at lunch... even though my skin is still clear i could tell this food is affecting my skin in some way... maybe its just way too processed, the spices. etc.... im sure certain types of chips will be okay but not the extra spicy and refined ones.
  12. Yea and for some people diet doesn't cure them because they are on the wrong diet.
  13. Also i want to say that i dont recommend eating a lot of junk foods at lunch... You may get away with eating for example a pizza and some ice cream... that may be like 500 calories... On average were going to need to eat about 2000 calories for lunch so 500 calories isnt that much... take care for now
  14. Hey... thanks socold I appreciate that... I think this diet works so great because you are not overloading your digestive system... Think about it only 4 hours of the day for lunch you are permitted to eat what you want, but the rest of the 20 hours you are on set plans of basically fruits and vegetables.... Its like your fasting and we all know how good fasting is for the skin. Plus with this diet you are getting pretty much all the nutrients you and your skin need. Danny the only reason
  15. ok so then chaser don't try this diet... plain and simple