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  1. sure sithas15, I've no problem explaining in detail what I did. I had it for years and years, I don't think I ever really got over it. It was a shock to the system with all the remarks people made about me. If I was in your shoes I would stop using the oatmeal and honey cleanser. Just warm water to wash and a facial steam every day is enough. Be extra gentle washing the cysts, you don't want to scratch them or open them by accident. Try this for a month and see how you get on, you have no
  2. hi there, This site is great, I wish it had existed when I was suffering I used to have incredibly severe cystic acne back in the 1980s - it had a huge impact on my life. I have never seen anyone not even on the internet with the massive red cysts I was cursed with. That's why I'm posting this. i'm genuinely surprised to see the need for a discussion board on acne, I thought at this stage there would be effective treatments and medicine to treat it. Through the years I missed out o