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  1. hey just wondering which probiotics you take with lymecycline? I'm about to start a course, fingers crossed it works. So nice to hear someone is clear! X
  2. Hi I was just wondering how it turned out? i'm about to start the same course of antibiotics! please let me know asap
  3. Hi Last week I was prescribed duac gel once daily and my skin is going mental! I'm flaking and red and just urgh. Wondered if anyone had experienced this and knew if these effects fade or stop occurring? Also, in terms of moisturisers, what is the best to pair with Duac since I've got combination skin? Please help, looking in the mirror is NOT COOL at the moment. Oh well. Things could be worse. Advice would be well appreciated x
  4. Thanks definitely helps to actually hear that you're not alone rather than just imagining it. Good luck at your party! I'm sure you'll look great
  5. Don't expect a reply from.this or anything but I always try and think get a grip then i catch someone staring at me from across the street and immediately i think they're looking at my skin and how disgusting it is. I know they're probably not but its hard to hold your head up when groups of people laugh at you as you pass. Today has been particularly bad as you can probably tell. It was all getting better then I got orange scabs after sun bathing for a day and bother. Now its weeping and red an