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  1. The use of Dove soap burns my skin so I will use phisoderm. The eczema patches from Retin A Micro is disapperaing slowly. I discontinued using any topical on my face. I am just taking the oral medication and after the oral medication, I will no longer use any antibiotics. I will just use proactve and spot treat with retin a micro when i feel a nodule or cyst forming. The use of RAM al over my face is unhealthy and causes vascular problems - creating black patches under my eye, as I re
  2. May 31, 2003 Okay I know why i have eczma like patches. It is because I did not follow RAM instructions and started using MORE than the pea size amount. The areas in which I overdosed are the areas with the eczema patches. My skin obviously freaked out. I will discontinue the cleocin t and ram for a week or two to let my face relax. In the mean time, i will was wiith dove soap..Hopefully the rash will go away.
  3. This is horrible!! I started using Retin A Micro on April 21, so it has been about 4 weeks. My face WAS clear, now after the use of RAM, it is red, and has BLISTERS. On the website, it said to expect this. I hope it goes away soon, this is so disheartening.
  4. May 28, 2003 My acne is completely gone!!!!!!!!!!!! No more bumps. Hyperpigmentation is about 70% gone. I am so happy. I have to fininsh my antibiotics so that resistance doesn't build up. I see my derm on July 14 for one last checkup!!!!!!!! :)/
  5. HOLY COW, After one month of being down about the hyperpigmentation on my skin, I am extremely happy. The doryx is GREAT!! I don't have bumps anymore, except for one pimple but then it's that time of the month for me. My derm gave me the option of using a strong retin - a - micro since I am on .04% right now. I decided to stick with .04% because why fix something if it's not broken. Besides, I was going to try the Lustra-Af she prescribed for me ---- conclusion: smart move. I appli
  6. 1. There is no cure for acne, there is only maintenance. 2. Only one reserach paper has been linked to the effects of B5 on acne. I know, I have searched, being that I graduated with a neurophysiology and entering pharmacy school with a special emphasis on dermatology. 3. In the paper, the patients had to take 10 grams of b5, which means 20 pills a day. B5 is a water soluble vitamin and according to the physicians that I've talked to, they don't logically see how b5 may help anyone. 4
  7. Be aware that benzyl peroxide and retin a micro NEUTRALIZES one another. You should only be using retin a micro, doxy, and a gentle cleanser.
  8. For those who are on an extensive lenght of antibiotics, please remember to eat plenty of live yogurt. Be aware that antibiotics do kill off your normal flora and can cause fungal infections (especially yeast infections in females). Eating yogurt will counter this because the yogurt contains good bacteria in it that your body needs.
  9. Vita-K is a bunch of hype. It has light refractors in so that you think the scars are fading, that is hwy the box says to keep using it. If you stop using it, you will notice that your scar never did leave.
  10. May 19, 2003 I went to the derm today. She told me to continue using Doryx, and also prescribed Lustra-AF for my hyperpigmentation. I am pleased with my results. Not acne on my chest nor back. No acne on my cheeks, My jaw line, right side hoewver, has 2 pimples. I have skin irritation from something that I was allergic too, I think it was my brother's fleece that I wore. That's it for now. I will post about the hyperpigmentaiton. Lustra-AF: 4% hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy, and
  11. Bleaching agents instructions says to wait 20 minutes
  12. Anyone have experience with Lustra-AF? My derm just prescribed me it. It has 4% hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy and exfoliators. She said my hyperpigmentation should be gone in a month.
  13. Does anyone have experiene with Lustra-AF? My derm prescribed it to me for my hyperpigmentation. It has hydroquinone 4%, alphy hydroxy, and exfoliators in it. How long before the hyperpigmentation goes? My derm said to give it a month and everything should be gone.
  14. Your Regimen is almost like mines except that I am takin Doryx as well and I use Phisoderm soap. Expect a slight breakout after during the two weeks that you'r on Retin-A-Micro. I started seeing results during my Third Week. The hotness that you feel is because of the Retin-A-Micro...it's normal.
  15. May 15, 2003 After about two weeks of Retin A Micro (which would have been May 10), my face broke out a tad bit BUT, it was a good thing. Why? Well, I had bumps on my chin that could be seen if I smiled and stretched my chin. After, however, using Retin A Micro Gel, the bumps went from surfaced itself on my skin and eventually disappeared! My skin is SO SMOOTH, except for like one or two tinsy white dots but those die after a day or two. Retin A Micro is working on my hyperpigmentatio