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  1. I use Cerava AM and PM, they say non-comedgenic and it was actually recommend to me by my dermatologist. Although the AM seems to leave me face feeling greasy, but that could just be the SPF I'm feeling. Give it a try. I have noticed I'm not dry and flaky anymore, but more oily (again, could be normal and caused by the Taz I'm on).
  2. So weird thing, I have 2 sebaceous cysts symmetrically on both cheeks (I know!) and both have gone through cycles of swollen with fluid, ruptured, skin flattens back with dark black and/or red marks, and refills again down the line. While I get pimples near my jawline and near the eyebrows. The majority of the ones I get occur around those 2 cysts. I was wondering if the cysts could be causing it? Anyone with ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. I want to thank everyone for indulging in this to start. I'm going to be in-depth as I want to cover everything. I'm a 27 year old male who only have ever dealt with pimples. It was mild and infrequent; for example, I can't remember having pimples until about midway through college, and never was it ever too bad and it would go away within a month. Then all of a sudden, 6 months before my 27th birthday, acne kicked in. These are the things can MAY relate to why: 1. I use to be fat. Then I