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  1. Hey guys, I know when I drink water it works wonders for my skin. I always pop a few Vitamin C's into the water and wait for it to dissolve. I haven't drank water in the amounts I used to in the past and my skin is getting somewhat bumpy, but I'm wondering if popping one or two pills of B5 (Pantothetic Acid 500mg) in the water will be efficient, or healthy for this matter. So what do you guys think of mixing water and B5, by the way, I'm talking of one gallon here, what do you guys recommend
  2. Im traveling tomorrow for fifteen days and I look like shit. I've got 2 huge pimples on my chin that have been posted there for a week and keep erupting with puss and its NASTY, I haven't seen my family in 8 years, wtf are they going to think when they see my face looks like a red hot chili pepper ???
  3. just bought some 2.5 BP..lets see if it works...SA is shit
  4. Im so pissed off, i started using this about a week ago, turns out whereever i have applied it is just turning brown and looking even nastier, should i go back to BP? http://www.drugstore.com/qxp83081_333181_s...inating_gel.htm
  5. nah thats about 2 months back..my skin just went crazy this last few months when school started
  6. http://myspace-030.vo.llnwd.net/00663/03/07/663487030_l.jpg aggghh, my skin use to be so nice, i just get flare ups one week and then the next im clear..its just really frustrating...thank you all for your comments
  7. Well, let me start off my telling you guys a little background information. Ive always had somewhat of an acne problem, a few zits here and there. Well school started and my complexety looked great, not even one pimple. Then things started getting stressful, new job, new girlfriend, harder courses. Ive been easing off on my stress, but my ongoing acne problem seems to persist and its driving me crazy, infact, its killing my motivation, i really dont feel like doing anything, im a very outgoi
  8. Do you guys think I can use icecubes to relieve my redness?
  9. Hey man, yeap. I have gone through both, they're both the greatest creams there are out there... Differin is the best by far, people will say it will dry you up blah blah blah, thats bull man, it doesn't dry you at all and always works, its gentle and cools you're skin. Duac is also great, use it for spot treatment which is what I do. You will be clear in no time buddy. If you want i can post up a pic, im on Duac at the moment.
  10. nah seriously, are there any effects?
  11. So I drank a whole 8oz Bottle of Vodka last monday, and im pretty broken out right now, so I was wondering if alcohol is really that bad for your skin? And how long do the effects last? how long does it stay in your blood etc? thx!