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  1. Honestly, i wouldnt worry about it. I looks fine.
  2. RT @cHeEsE_SaMwIcHH: Why can't things just work out how I want them to ?

    1. The amount of shit I've favorited tonight.

      1. Fuck yes kanye

        1. RT @brian_mcintyre: NFL teams will release over 400 players over the next 48 hours or so. For some, the NFL dream ends for good this week.

          1. RT @alexisbruun: if I could do it all again, i would

            1. RT @brinnfoster: It's actually really sad how someone can be such a huge part of your life for so long and then they just leave you with no…

              1. WIGANNNNNNNN

                1. Guess what time it is?????? http://t.co/xEw0MeOyW3

                  1. I want a dog so badly

                    1. Lets go PSG!!!!!