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  1. Hypertrophic scars make skin look very uneven when located close to atrophic scars. But cortisone is mainly used for getting inflammation under controll. To flatten the scar, a stronger corticosteroid such as kenalog is usually injected. I suggested this to two surgeons and one derm. But unfortunatelly they all refused due to the fact that my scars are apparently not 'high' enough to be treated this way even though you can actually feel the uneveness with your fingers. I do understand the conce
  2. Facelift is an overkill to treat scars. Yes, they will flatten for a while. But not for 5 years! Lift works on facial muscles which don't run in the epidermis but much deeper. Plus your skin will look worse when you get old. That's why lifts are practically reserved for people after 40. I wanted to get a lift done and have discussed it with several doctors. And surprisingly I got the same answer from all of them.
  3. Co2 will not get rid of this scarring. Maybe multiple sessions. Forget about fresh baby born skin. Stay realistic. Take care.
  4. Vghranskaliiy


    ......and scars
  5. Women seek more than a pretty face. In men they seek qualities that emanate from the inside. And a lot of times they're capable of looking beyond facial defects such as humpy noses, lack oh hair, and of course scars. And even more! Every not-so-shallow man will prefer a girl with a beautiful mind and perhaps some scars on her face than a perfect-skin bimbo that you can't even have a proper discourse with. I certainly would - even if I wasn't scarred myself. True I am bothered by my scars, but
  6. A negative sideffect of Accutane is hypertrophic scarring. This happens quite often. Accutane dries out your skin and dry skin scars much worse than hydrated.
  7. Your scarring is so minimal I would leave it alone. You might end up worse if you try anything invasive. Honestly.
  8. Animegirle: do you have any photos of your cheeks before the first treatment...years ago(?)
  9. I get really depressed when I meet people like you. So I try to avoid them whenever possible.
  10. This is a classical problem of excision. The bottom line is he didn't sew it up properly. Most probable cause is too lose stitches. That's what happened in my case. The tissue opens up, the wound widens and heals that way. So then you end up with an indent. The best solution in my opinion is reexcision of the same scar. If permormed by a skilled surgeon, you will end up with a thin line (that's what we all want...) that will not be much longer than the scar you have now. Because from the photos