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  1. I haven't updated in a while, mostly because this treatment means I barely even think about my skin anymore! I am so happy! I've been taking this treatment for a bit over 3 months now and my skin is currently perfect... I have had 1 spot in the past 3 weeks! ONE! I'm now taking around 6g B5, 600mg L-Cysteine and a zinc and L-Carnitine tablet when I remember, with no side effects. I still can't bring myself to feel like this is it for me because I have been so disappointed before, but I really
  2. Hi, yep I think I'd agree. When my skin is bad I would trade anything for it to be clear, but i'm sure if I had serious health problems I'd feel differently! I've been taking large doses of Vitamin B5 for just over 3 months, after doing A LOT of research and knowing fully about the risks and side effects. But, fingers crossed, I think it's working! I have barely any spots for the past month despite 10 years of waking up everyday to new ones! I'm always scared of getting my hopes up with new tre
  3. Hi everyone! I've been thinking a lot about this recently: how much health would I sacrifice to have perfectly clear skin? We all know that a lot of acne treatments have side effects but yet take them anyway, suggesting that our want for clear skin makes us willing to risk gaining a problem elsewhere. Personally, I am so desperate for clear skin that I would take absolutely anything to get rid of my acne. I've been on antibiotics, BP, birth control, medication bought off the internet, high dose
  4. Almost 2 months since starting B5, and I'm really beginning to get my hopes up! I've had only 3 spots since my last update over 2 weeks ago, and my skin has just been generally pretty good for the last 4 weeks! My skin does tend to have periods of being ok but never for this long! Pretty much no side effects, just a bit of mild stomach discomfort every now and again, which is a small price to pay! I'm still on 6g B5, 500mg L-Carnitine and 600mg L-Cysteine + a zinc supplement. I will keep updat
  5. 5 and a half weeks on B5! Still taking 6g B5, 500mg L-Carnitine and 600mg L-Cysteine + a zinc supplement each day. The breakout from my last update has cleared and my skin is looking pretty good, only two new spots in the past week. Again, no new side effects and the stomach discomfort is definitely subsiding. So not really much to report but I will definitely be keeping on the treatment for now!
  6. When I was on Accutane my skin was awful all the way to the middle of month 5, at which point it started to clear really quickly and was almost perfect by the end of month 6. Just hang in there and hopefully it will work for you!
  7. Hello! 1 month since I started B5. I have had a small breakout this week but nothing crazy and it seems to be clearing quickly. I still think my skin tone looks healthier and again, not a huge lot of dryness. In regards to side effects, I did do a lot of research before starting the treatment and effects that I have read about tend to be gastrointestinal problems and hair loss. So far I have not noticed any difference in my hair, and only slight stomach discomfort (apparently this will complete
  8. Ahh my skin used to always do that before appointments, annoying! That's great about your appointment though! Good luck, really hope it works for you
  9. Quick update! I've been using Vit B5 for just over 3 weeks now, and my skin is actually looking really good. I haven't had any new spots in about 4 days. However my skin does do this from time to time so I'm trying not to get too excited! I do think my overall skin tone is looking healthier though, and it's not too dry either (I'm making sure I moisturise twice a day). So far so good!
  10. I second Jojoba oil, that's what I used for my flaky skin when I was trying the Regimen.
  11. I don't want to try and worry you, but my skin was awful on Microgynon. I went back and saw a different doctor, and he said I should never have been put on it with my skin problems as it is known to just make it worse. I'm now on Cilest and this seems to be a lot better.
  12. Hey! My experience may be slightly different as I went to a private dermatologist first and then moved to NHS from there, but could give you an idea! My derm agreed to prescribe me roaccutane on the first appointment with her. However she also worked for a NHS surgery and so to save me money from doing the whole course private, she made me another appointment with her for the following week, but with the NHS. At this second appointment, I had all my blood and pregnancy tests done, and got the p
  13. I'm currently trying the Vitamin B5 method. A lot of people have said it has been amazing for them! I don't want to recommend to anyone to megadose on vitamins, but maybe it is something you want to research? I take daily: 8g Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 1g L-Carnitine 600mg L-Cysteine 15mg Zinc
  14. No, L-Carnitine isn't an ingredient of Vilantae (I don't think!) and so I wasn't taking any. Maybe that will give it the push it needs now!
  15. Dianette didn't do much for me either! I would have gone straight back on Accutane if I could but because I was 18 my doctor said she didn't want to risk a second course so soon when I was so young. Now a few years later in my current job, I'd really struggle making so many hospital appointments, and I feel it's a lot to go through when the acne could just come back again. I strongly suspect my acne is hormonal and so I doubt Accutane would ever work permanently. What about you? Would you like