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  1. It seems like everyone either likes Cetaphil or CeraVe, so no matter which side you're on, could you tell me the pros and cons of each one? Basically what's happening to me is I was nearly completely clear while using the Dove beauty bar, Equate 2.5% BP, and some Clean&Clear moisturizer. The moisturizer really really sucked, I mean my face was just always painfully itchy and red and flaky and just really gross, so I finally bought the CeraVe moisturizer about a week ago and boy did it help!
  2. Have any of you tried the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar as a cleanser? It's what I've been using and it's got some great reviews in the reviews section but to be honest I don't always trust the reviews section, it seems like a lot of the posters there only have "light" or "very light" acne
  3. Thanks for the replies guys seems that the general consensus is not to get the facial, but someone did say it worked well for them so maybe once I'm 100% clear for a while I'll try it out and see if I get a breakout then.
  4. I'm sure OP is probably just trying to piss everyone off, but in case a newbie comes to this thread and reads this or something, here's what should be known: If Dan were a con artist, this thread would have been shut down by now.
  5. Hey guys, I'm on Dan's regimen and it's working really great for me. I was using the Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin and still getting breakouts (although they were much smaller and less frequent!) so I thought I should switch over to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I was at the store and picked up some Cetaphil cleanser but unfortunately it was for "Normal to oily skin". I used it anyway thinking it wouldn't be a problem and I really love what it's done for my acne. A few old breakouts cleare
  6. The regimen is working pretty well for me, a little slower than what's "normal" but my acne has always been stubborn anyway However, my skin is also really dry and flaky and it looks like it's getting an odd texture, not to mention some weird orange-y tan skin tone all over my face and also PIH. Of course this is all preferable to acne for me, but I was thinking it might be beneficial for me to go and get a facial treatment at a spa. Would this interfere with the regimen at all?
  7. Hi guys So I'm 14 years old, I've been on Dan's regimen for about 2 months and I'm seeing pretty good results (wayyyy fewer breakouts, when I do get breakouts they're so much smaller and easier to handle). Right now I have about 6 or 7 active pimples which is such a dramatic decrease. However, I do have red marks left over from old pimples (hyperpigmentation I believe). I've looked around here and it looks like people have had success with apple cider vinegar so I thought I'd give it a try. At
  8. Hi, I've been on Dan's regimen for about a month and a half now and while I'm seeing results, they're not as good as they could be and I'm thinking it's because of the products I'm using. So far I've been using Dove Beauty Bar for sensitive skin, Equate repairing lotion, and Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer. I think I'll see some better results if I switch over to the Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser and the Neutrogena On The Spot as my BP. Anyone that's tried these see good