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  1. Yeah it was a foolish idea. Nothing wrong with washing with soap and shaving, keeping clean is important.
  2. Starting tonight I will not wash my face with anything. Soap, cleansers, even water. And use no moisturizer, toner, nothing. I have damaged my skin from soaps, retinoids, acids, lotions, and I need to let it heal. I have many clogged pores and overall pretty dehydrated skin showing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as red marks, and blackheads. I will also try to eat healthy, fruits, vegetables,water, very little meat/dairy/breads. I also will not jerk off, or take any drugs. I will exerci
  3. I drink water, thing is i don't have a consistent regimen. Ive been washing with water and moisturizing recently and my face feels a little better, i just got some coconut oil i thought i might try because of reviews.
  4. Hello, My face is dehydrated. I have many clogged pores. It feels tight and shows fine lines. From years of bp, differing, salicylic acid washes and accutane i believe. My skin gets oily, so i think its really just missing WATER. My skin barrier is weak, so red marks are slow to heal. Ive tried the caveman regimen, but my pores get clogged. I thought exfoliating might help to moisture could get to my skin, instead of being blocked by dead skin. Has anyone has dehydrated skin and found a fix
  5. My face feels tight, especially after washing. It's usually pretty red (forehead, cheeks, nose) I have clogged pores on my cheeks/ forehead, blackheads on nose, some on forehead/ cheeks I have red marks on cheeks and a few everywhere else, and a little light scarring accutane cleared me, but acne came back, i think because i started to use products again differin .3% worked after a while, but it made me pretty red and irritated pores clogged after stopping differin i was thinking us
  6. So I used differing .3% for a while, it eventually worked pretty well, but i still had redness and some red marks. i took a break from it, didn't wash my face that much. Acne didn't come back, but lots of clogged pores, premature aging and roughness came. If you stop using retinoids cold turkey, does it cause clogged pores and aging? or was that from not washing my face? I started washing my face with dove soap, and used differing twice over the last week, and my skins improving, can
  7. this is old, but really good. youda man
  8. Ive heard some very good things about oil cleansing, and some very bad things. Some people seem to say that after a while,(few weeks, months) they get clogged pores/breakouts/dry skin I was wondering if it's because oil cleansing is more like exfoliating,(removing deep oils in skin/massaging dead skin), and exfoliating often or everyday will dehydrate your skin. or do oils, specifically olive oil, clog pores?
  9. Hi everyone this is my first, So ive had acne for a while, im 19, i did accutane. I mostly have red marks/ blemishes with slight scars(not bad), with an occasion pimple hear and there. So i stopped using acne washes, (bp, sa) started using dove sensitive. i use differin most nights. i use a mosturizer with salicylic acid every other day and aha lotion on the other odd days. Will this regimen help clear red marks? or any suggestions for people in this situation? thanks