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  1. Sorry that I haven't responded to any of your guys responses. But I truly do appreciate them. I guess I look at it like this: I have acne, and it is what it is. I'm doing all I can do about it, so at this point it will just take its route, whatever that may be. Throughout the process of this with regards to females, I try to tell myself f*** your face and get over it as much as you can. I understand that I am probably at a disadvantage, so to me that means I have to excel in other parts (be
  2. Hi, I recently posted a 3 or 4 posts that I would like to delete. How would I go about doing that?
  3. Thanks for your response! I think I understand your point on confidence. But when girls say they like confidence what do you mean by that? What attributes equal confidence? What I'm trying to get at is how do you know if one has confidence and if one does not?
  4. Hey guys, I'm new here and really think this is great find to ask questions of people with great insight in a similar situation as mine. Well basically here is my regiment: Morning: Clean Face With Cetaphil Aczone Doxycycline 100mg Night: Clean Face With Cetaphil Tretinoin .025% Aczone Photos are attached. How bad do you think my acne is (Moderate-Severe?)? Any suggestions? What are your guys thoughts on my regiment?
  5. I searched for a thread like this but couldn't really find one. I am a Junior with moderate acne and it definitely effects my confidence with girls. I am always self conscious about it and think that the girls will be not open to me because of the fact of all this shit on my face. I guess this is for boys and girls to comment. On these questions and anything else: 1. What are the overall thoughts of girls on boys with acne 2. What are some advice some boys(or girls) who had acne an
  6. Whats up guys! I'm Bill, and I really started to develop acne this fall. Attached are photos of my moderate (do you think its severe?) acne. Its really bad on on cheeks, and worse on left side then right. I recently started to take doxycycline hyclate 100 mg 3 weeks ago every morning, have been on Aczone for about 5 weeks now in the morning and at night, and my derma just started me on tretinon .0025% at night. I clean my face every morning and night with Cetaphil and after sports practi
  7. Ok, thanks for response! Any other advice on trying to beat this?
  8. Whats good guys? Heres my question: How should I approach shaving when there is acne in the spots where I need to shave? I by no means have a beard, but just some hair that I need to shave off. I have always been afraid to shave at these spots as I think I will damage the pimple and the skin and cause scaring. Will this happen? Let me know how you guys approach it. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, Well heres my situation: I never really had acne until last fall (My sophmore year), when I just fell into bad habit of not cleaning my face and getting the bacteria and sweat out of my football helmet which caused a moderate breakout that scarred on the both cheeks. After that it got pretty bad into the winter so I went to my dermatologist and she gave me a fading cream regiment (erythromycin in morning and night, and tretinoin .0025 at night), which seemed to work pretty well. I