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  1. I have really oily skin too and it's really taking a toll on me. My skin is not just oily but greasy. I have to blot every hour to look presentable. It's driving me crazy. I try hard to accept me for who I am (even my oily skin) but it seriously gets in the way of everything and affects every aspect of my life... I look in the mirror and all I see is an oily mess. This sucks. Anyway, if you are male, try Saw Palmetto, it may help... I tried this a while back for a few days and it definitely
  2. I have occasional acne (mostly along chin/jaw line) and extremely oily, greasy skin, which is hormonal. (Skin improves right before and during period; BCP improved skin conditions in the past). My extremely oily face was really getting to me the other day so I was on acne.org and found saw palmetto, decided to give a try, bought a bottle of 450mg capsules from a local Walgreen's, and took 1 capsule a day yesterday and today. I'm posting this to share my experience with it. Result: Fabulous i
  3. @Green Gables: I was wondering if you have oily skin and if you do, then if progesterone cream reduced sebum production at all. I have super oily skin which I believe is resulting from a hormonal imbalance because I get more or less oily and greasy with my menstrual cycle. Thanks!!