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  1. http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=827167 Read this also.
  2. Zavvi ,i am not fully raw but am vegan.I eat bread and cooked legumes and rice with vegetables. Its difficult to be fully raw in my place. If i had one thing to observe is that scars are reducing ,overall better skin tone but slower wound healing.I take everything as a part of detox.I was eating shit for 10-12 years. Sometimes on scars on my face(not acne scars,just fibrous tissue) i get pimples there and when they are healing ,the fibrous tissue is reduced. I think a 100% natural di
  3. I know man.I am there. Since going vegan my wound healing has gone extremely slow on the body.I do believe a wound is also a method of the body to expel fluid(from the acids of the previous diet) so i am waiting for the full detox.Its like internal fluid is being carried from deeper tissue up to the surface.Meat and junk diet was killing me. My face now is more vibrant and healthy. The more you think something about your scars,it seems like the more you block your healing methods. The ce
  4. EVerything will regenerate.The thing is who can keep a really clean lifestyle in this world? Who can eat organic fruits and veggies for the rest of his life considering what we eat in our society?Not that easy? Who has the money for it?Not everybody Who will put shower filter?ANother problem Who will drink only pure clean water?Another one Who will massage a scar for 30 minutes a day? Its that simple: Get the bad stuuf out and put the good in.Aka diet and lifestyle. And put some shea b
  5. Yeah.please get your hands on some colloidal silver cream asap. 5 weeks is nothing. Fasting is also beneficial.You can do a juice feasting(greens and fruits) and you will see the stuff healing before your eyes. My dad recently commited suicide,so trust me he left only pain for his family. Step up like a man .Your fears will dissolve and you will heal the way you want. Stop the processed junk that dont promote healing and dont use hot water.This is important showering with warm/hot wa
  6. Niacin makes the body panic and big doses of it cause hair loss. Also consider the possibility of bringing bad stuff from inside to the outside and overwhelm the skin thus inflaming it.
  7. Zavvi i have seen the guy you mention on another site that i really trust and following the general philosophy so it cant be bad. The herbs will either do these kind of stuff -promote circulation to the area -feed the skin -break the protein that consists the scar. Circulation is king when it comes ot everything in health. Clean blood that circulates.
  8. Guys its really simple. Once you dont poison your body with stuff it cant use , the blood is being cleared and the stomach enzymes eat the scar tissue and liquify it. Its a pain in the ass though to not eat cooked food cause its our society today. Everything is based on cooked food. So far i believe the best method is going fruitarian at least 50% and the rest vegan(seeds,nuts,salads,greens etc). You cover the scars with vitamin e or castor oil and bandaid and keep it there for as l
  9. If seabs would have put castor oil with bandaid for all the time he has invested in his thread he would have healed his scar!!! So i think he is finding it interesting to get along with this.He likes it! I love seabs.
  10. The oppossite will likely happen due to blood circulation. Anyway ,if concerned begin as a habit to brush your skin with a dry brush. Look it up.Of course you have to do it on days that the area is not inflamed by rolling.
  11. All you speaking negative about raw food and the results on scarring, do a 40 days orange juice fast and come back to inform us whether you were wrong or right!!
  12. The only thing a diet of only orange or pineapple juice will do is put your health at risk. Please read here for more information. That was a crap article. Fasting cures everything including scars.But one should know their limits.
  13. Yup it will work to some extent and extented period of time. Orange juice fasting will eat also the scars if done for extended time.You basically remove crap and mud from undigested food on the lymphs and you fill it with bioavailable minerals enzymes and vitamis that the orange has. Pineapple juice fasting will do the same. Lymph exercises like brushing should be done together with the fast.
  14. Aqua sea,you have fallen into the b12 fraud. I know meat eater with under normal levels of b12. If you look at a fruitarian named anne osborne ,she did an orange juice fast ,55days and her b12 were at normal range with ONLY oranges!!!But at the low side of course.
  15. Put some avocado oil on it.Its really soothing.If you let it dry the body will have difficult time to reach it with its blood .