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  1. Thanks! I`m now trying Dr Haushka products, hopefully it will go well!
  2. This sounds good, but would nervous about using baking soda, as it would probably irritate my skin, as most things do!
  3. hi! I have got really sensitive skin, so many cleansers irritate it. Has anyone tried any DIY cleansers that have helped their acne? I have made lots of natural face masks, with ingredients such as honey, oats, natural yogurt avocado banana etc, but Im not sure what would efficiently clean my skin twice a day. ideas for moisturizers would be helpful too! thanks!
  4. Its mild and not very noticeable. Carry on with your usual skin ruitine along with a healthy diet, drinking water and it should clear up.
  5. Hi! Im 15, and up until last year I had mild- moderate acne, but I had managed to get rid of it by eating healthily- cutting out sugary foods, and using zineryt, a prescribed acne treatment. My skin had been mostly clear, apart from the occasional spot, and a few small marks left from spots. Last week I had a very big pimple that would`t go away! I popped it with a pin and it is pretty much gone, except for a red mark. Since then my skin has been breaking out with very small pimples, (mos