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  1. 9/19 ---------------------- been a while but i just got a new zit on cheek. possible ones near lip too. the one near cheek has a small head. i havent seen a head pimple for a long time. im getting worried now... is tane wearing out..........?
  2. 9/10 -------------------- SMall spot on top part of nose. Possibly one near left side of nose. Well see how it fairs over night
  3. 9/8 -------------- since I'm done with tane I prob should stop this log, but I feel like I should still post till I'm almost fully cured. Hmm.. I'll think about it. Anyways, last night I got 3 New spots. All of them tiny and red, but I hope they go away. I zeno them and covered them up. Well see how it goes. Still waiting on next month derm app for chem peels. Well see... now time to figure out chem HW>
  4. What makeup are you using? Did you buy it at the counter? I don't over do it. I just use regular concealer. I dont go beyond that. Look up Loreal true match concealer. It comes in a bottle. cost around 10 bucks at the drugstore. If u wanna buy it go at night. Usually only 1 cashier there and just do it quick. I just use it over the red spots on my skin. If I get a bump I usually use a band aid on it with some sort of acne figting meds under it. I look weird, but havent had much negative resul
  5. 9/1 --------------- Derm didnt prescribe me jack. Gave me this stuff called "epiduo". It doesnt help at all. Its 2.5% BP. Waste of a derm trip for me. I still need redness removed and I guess its going to happen during a peel. Next month though according to him. Tanes over now. FUnny cause The one day I stopped taking a pill I get 2 new zits. One is basically red and gone, but the other is a CYST. i havent had one of these in forever. Seriously. it just makes me furious about that. Rage mod
  6. I use it often, I'm a guy, I would not admit to it though. Only my parents know about it and if I had a girlfriend I suppose I'd tell her too. Other than that I feel no matter how hard u try its still going to be looked down by the vast majority of society in general. Regardless, makeup does wonders. Easily makes a person look great within minutes.
  7. 8/31 ---------------------- Writing this one at derm. Not sure what to expect right now. I'm officially done with tane and for the most part cleared up. I still have a lot of red marks and for some reason I keep getting light tiny pimples under hairs as they Tetris after a shave. It's pretty annoying, but not the worst I've been through. Derm better prescribe me retina a or something, I bed. Waiting forever and only using aha which is alright at a low percent. So far ATM 3 pimples, one on l
  8. 8/29 ------------ New pimple On right of mouth. Great... time to wait this one off again and its like the worst spot too.
  9. Yea. If I got clealred right now. It would be like a great heavy load taken off my back. I think about acne so much that it drives me crazy. I literally don't want to do anything else Unless im clear. Its a terrible feeling.
  10. 8/27 --------------------------- 2 new pimples. Small, but still a break out. Near lower chin + left chin. 4 days left of tane. Not sure whats goona happen now. Doesn't seem the meds have fully worked after this long year. I'm kinda worried. Atleast I'll try to get the red spots removed now during my next few visits. Btw for the record. I got billed 100+ for acne surgery? How weird. I never had surgery done. I'm going to have to call about that. Hmmm...
  11. Unless you've taken accutane.. than you wouldn't know about it. I know all these factors and I break out way too much for the time I spent on this medication. I've done so many things. I've lowered my calories, Switched to whole foods and NO junk food or pop, I've taken accutane accuracy, and much more. Time is coming to a end for tane in about 6 days. If this meds doesnt work, than what am I suppose to do? Go on a second round? It was near impossible to get on my first round for me alone. 8
  12. 8/20 --------------- New pimple on clear side of cheek. Great. I really dont F-KIN know anymore. What is this accutane.. seriouisly.. Im just so mad now. Went through the 6 month treatment up to 80 M G!! and im still breaking out. I really dont know what to think anymore, god what am i suppose to do to just rid of this curse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yea. My parents say that im like the worst 19-20 year old there is and that im lazy and going to become such a bum because I sit at home all the time. I'm so tired of hearing that from them...It's not that I just want to sit here on the computer, but I want to go hang out and do normal things and see cool places ect.. I love the thought of all this, but acne is just forcing me to sit here and do nothing with my time. I don't even know... When I try to explain to my parents about acne being the r
  14. Yep thats how it was kinda for me. When My mom refused to take me and said it was expensive, I felt like she really didn't care at all about me and I was just so mad.... Ugh.. I don't even want to think about it. Parents are just sooo.... Unaware... Like i said before, u don't know anything about acne unless you had to suffer through it.
  15. I find most parents that I read about on this forum are so stuborn. They always act like.. It will go away..... Its barely noticeable....Leave it alone.... Derms are a waste of money... ect............... I know this from personal experience. I had to argue with my mom to take me to a derm over and over. The only way I could prove to her how much acne has hurt me was to actually cry. I'm freshly out of Highschool and I lift heavy weights as a body builder Male and I had to cry to prove a