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  1. Since coming back from college, I've had some breakouts around my mouth and chin. The only thing that has changed in my life is my diet, slightly. I've picked eating oatmeal back up (can't resist), and have noticed more breakouts. Maybe I have to nix it out, I have heard people linking wheat and gluten to acne.
  2. Jug

    Extreme Oil!

    Milk of Magnesia will handle this pretty well. Apply a thin layer after moisturizing to combat the oil. What I do to remove oil daily is use tissue paper. Go to your dollar store and buy white tissue paper, should be like a dollar. You can cut them into sheets to keep in your pocket, and they do a really good job taking off the grease.
  3. Ever since I started eating Activia probiotic yogurt my acne has decreased significantly.
  4. Knock on wood, but I believe I came to the conclusion that dairy does not give me acne. I eat cereal every morning, and enjoy a cup of milk at night. On top of this I eat an activia yogurt every morning. Everybody is different, for me eating oatmeal gave me acne, really badly. I love the stuff, but I can give it up.
  5. Eat raw fruits and veggies. When I feel a pimple growing, I'll eat healthy for the rest of the day, and it will stop growing and shrink. If you do pop it, apply Hydrogen Peroxide to flush out the bacteria and dry it out. Also avoid shaving.
  6. Minocycline cured my acne, but the side effects were too much for me to handle.
  7. Whether I'm extremely busy or bored, I just don't think about it. Everything is going to get better as tough as it may seem. I stopped worrying, picking, and looking in the mirror often. I can tell you it helped me a lot mentally.
  8. My lifestyle at college has changed my skin dramatically. I'm a 5th year senior and had acne since I was in high school but this semester something changed. Any college student knows there dining hall mainly serves crap. I decided to start eating salads consisting of a bunch of raw veggies every night. I also started taking a multivitamin and activia yogurt in the morning. Knock on wood but I have only had one active break out in a week. I still consume milk daily and snack on pop tart or freeze
  9. Helps shrink pores and calm active acne, but it will not stop acne from growing.
  10. Stay strong, you will get through this if you stay positive, not matter how hard it may seem. Keep trying to find a cure, don't give up!
  11. My 2 cents. Stop using BP. For me, it created hyperpigmentation that's been lingering well over 2 years. I hate that s**t. It also sounds like your taking a ton of supplements which could very much be causing toxicity in you body, creating acne.
  12. Seriously questioning if dairy causes acne. Since consuming dairy on a regular basis my skin has become clearer. Maybe dairy helps balances my hormones, don't know.
  13. Tissue paper is great for blotting. You can cut a package into small rectangles and it will last a good while, plus it's dirt cheap.